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Christmas is coming! LET'S GET READY


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Glitter trim gift boxes

When it comes to giving gifts to co-workers, packaging is the most important element. Any simple and thoughtful gift will suffice to make your friendly office gift swap, but with the presents sitting on desks all day long – the wrapping is what will set your package apart. Whether you are gifting for co-workers or […]

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Mistletoe balloons

Nothing says holiday like mistletoe. The green, the tradition, the kissing… it is all so merry! Make a mistletoe statement this year that has all the traditional fun with a festive modern spark with mistletoe balloons. Make a mistletoe trail up a wall to fill it with festive spirit and give everyone lots of chances […]

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handmade gifts for the house

Gifts for the home are great to give since they always fit everyone perfectly. When gifts for the home are both handmade and well designed… well, my Christmas list is basically done. :) I am happy to be partnering with one of my favorite shops Baba Souk to share a few gift picks that are […]

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reindeer bag party favors

We’ve begun the holiday party planning at school this week. There’s nothing quite like 24 kids all ramped up on sugar and excitement to make for a happy holiday! In one of the kid’s classes we are doing a reindeer game theme, which makes these bags a perfect gift to give with a small piece […]

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felt hanging party banners

When decorating for the holidays I make an effort not to have too many knick knacks and little pieces around the house. I have found they add to the clutter, but don’t add to my joy. Instead, I decorate with fresh greens and a few big and festive eye catchers. These felt hanging banners completely […]

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