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Pumpkin jello shots

Halloween is obviously fun for the kids, but when the grown-ups get together their treats should be just as great. A pumpkin re-purposed as a jello shot is the perfect combination of spunk and fun for the spooky night ahead. Our neighborhood really gets into Halloween, at many houses the owners will welcome neighbors with […]

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Party fan Halloween costume

Continuing our Party Costume Series for Halloween this year a party fan seems like a fabulous way to dress as the party. Or to be the party! All this costume involves is some paper and an imagination. So simple and fun. Pair it with a honeycomb, a birthday cake, or our recent cotton candy Halloween costume and bring […]

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Sugar fun printable candy labels

Tis the season of sugar fun, treats and candy. There is something about the store aisles filling up with bags of goodies that gives me a sweet tooth this time of year. Whether packaging sweets for a Halloween party, the classroom, or the office using personalized packages for them makes everything seem brighter and more fun. […]

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Abstract painted pumpkins

Colorful pumpkins > than orange ones An equation that is just a fact of life. These abstract painted pumpkins make me so happy! They are bold, beautiful and a great way to make this Halloween the brightest one yet. Whether pumpkins are stacked on the porch, set as an arrangement on the table, or given out as […]

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