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Christmas is coming! LET'S GET READY


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Handcrafted trend: wood

I’ve been smitten by the rustic events of this fall and the way many designers have incorporated wood to infuse natural beauty to their style. So of course, I’m loving to see this trend oozing itself into the holiday scene. Two of my favorites… Wreath by Flora via another shade of grey and tree by […]

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Real stand, fake tree

Will you have a real or fake tree this Christmas? I used a fake tree for our holiday celebration designs but plan to have a real one in our home this year. (Photo by Somethings hiding in there) I spotted this clever idea to use a wood base for your fake tree over at Hooray. […]

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Thanksgiving with Roland Bello

I haven’t been talking much about Thanksgiving, perhaps because I will be traveling to spend the week with my feet up while others do the cooking. Also because I find the usual turkey fare quite drab- with the exception of this styled dinner spread Roland Bello designed for Gourmet Magazine which is perfect. What a […]

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Christmas in a bottle

Happy Monday, I believe I’ve finally recovered from the craze of last week. Today I want to share the last project from our holiday at the beach. We filled mason jars with many cute little holiday treasures, wrote a sweet note on a star, tied them up and sent them off into the ocean. We […]

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Dreaming of Joy…

Have you had a joyous week? I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend ahead to be with family and a fun visit to the Queen Bee Market. Here is a simple idea from our Christmas shoot today. Use a clean stamp and baking glitter to make a wonderful word impression on any soft fruit. […]

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