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Colorful Crepe Paper Cornucopia

The tradition of the cornucopia is to symbolize abundance and blessing. Which is definitely proper as we move into giving thanks this time of year. When I think of blessings – the last color that comes to mind is an earthy brown. Let’s give thanks in color this year! A cornucopia of flowers that is […]

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Turkey Rosettes

We are hosting Thanksgiving this year. Matt is the chef in our family so I end up with a bit of extra time on my hands to drink wine, I mean…. set the table. ;) These little turkey rosettes are a fun way to mark places and decorate the dinning room. The crafting steps are easy enough […]

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Turkey Balloons

Thanksgiving is normally surrounded by earthy textures and warm colors (which I sometimes love), but injecting a bright dose of festive fun and color is something I love even more! These turkey balloons can be made in any color scheme and are great for decorating a thanksgiving feast with spunk. Tie a turkey balloon onto […]

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Gummy bear cookies

It’s cookie making time of year! I love, love, love making cookies. Sometimes it’s fun to put a little twist in the mix – like creating gorgeous stained glass cookies using gummy bears. The process is simple and the shiny oils in the gummy bears make the cookies look so beautiful! Grab the extra Halloween […]

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