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Christmas is coming! LET'S GET READY


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Sparkly heels can cure winter blues

Winter can bring with it a gloom that makes it hard to want to get dressed up and celebrate. Which is why I love the awesome trend of wearing sparkly heels. It doesn’t take much to turn a winter gloom around – a dose of sparkle here, or a sprinkling of glitter there. These sparkly heels are […]

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Cream cheese dip fruity pebble treats

There are sweet treats everywhere I look this time of year. In the sea of sweets, these cream cheese dip fruity pebble treats are on a whole different (amazing!) level. The cream cheese dip is a mixture of cheese filled whip cream goodness that I can not get enough of. A perfectly sweet consistency that […]

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Bright floral bouquets

Valentine’s Day is coming quickly. Nothing beats a bright colorful bouquet of flowers. Finding a quirky vase and gifting a beautiful bunch can be the perfect way to say I love you this year. I’ve never had flowers delivered to as a gift because it often seems too complicated. The few times I’ve looked the […]

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