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Christmas is coming! LET'S GET READY


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25 creative light projects

We all adore the long days and warm nights of summer. But with the summer solstice a month behind us now, I’ve begun thinking of ways to interject some extra light in our evenings as they draw a little shorter every day. Starting next week I am excited to introduce a new festive light series […]

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how to make your own wallpaper

One of the fun things we’ve been working on this summer is getting settled into our new house. I will be showing a full home tour this fall, but until then I can’t wait to share with you some of the projects we’ve been working on for home. Like this one… we created our own […]

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stamping with rubberbands

Stamping with rubberbands is an easy way to update just about anything in our homes. The process is very simple and the result is festive and fun! A great way to make napkins, shirts and wrapping paper come alive. Here are six fun ideas, and a quick tutorial, on how to stamp with rubberbands. Start […]

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simple wooden – three pallet play house

I have been wanting to give the deck a playhouse for years. I have a particular aversion to the plastic variety, but always felt that anything made of wood was far to expensive to buy and much to difficult to make. Recently, we created a summer playhouse that the kids can enjoy, we can lounge in, that is affordable, easy to build, and beautiful! This […]

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paper floral wall cones

Inspired by these pretty ceramic wall cones, I thought a temporary paper floral cone display for the house would be a perfect welcome to this first day of the summer season. A very simple display to put up, the paper cones would be a pretty backdrop for a party, or a nice way to make a temporary wall […]

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