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Colored Sand

Although spring is right around the corner, the weather here is not warm enough for garden work just yet. To update my house and quench my desire for floral work this month – I made a couple batches of colorful sand and added in my collection of simple succulent plants. This is an easy project […]

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Tissue decal candles

Speaking of tissue paper decals, these decal feather candles are an easy way to update simple taper candles this spring. Use them to line brunch, center a coffe table, or make a gathered bunch to give away to friends. To make the decal feather candles you will need tissue paper (the kind you sneeze on), […]

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Celery Stamped Art Prints

Continuing the veggie stamping experiments this week, I’ve traded in long lengths of wrapping paper for simple poster boards to make these fun art prints for home. There’s a lot said these days about creating cheap art, and with the entire supply list for this project being a poster board, a celery stalk and paint – […]

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Raindrop wall decals

It rained that today. Not the kind of light, misty rain that you brush off easily, but the kind that leaves you with soaked feet and drenched clothes. As spring approaches I think it will be fun to celebrate the rainy days that come our way. Bring the weather inside with these pretty DIY rain drop decals. […]

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Building indoor forts

Last week, during my trip to Salt Lake City, the average temp was nine degrees! I returned home Saturday to be welcomed by another winter storm. It’s always seems this time of year – when the temperature drops to the coldest – that our family begins to get a bit stir crazy indoors. To ward off the […]

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