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fort building 101

The evening sun in the dessert is both brutal and beautiful. We’ve been taking advantage of its warmth this season with late walks, extended bedtimes and fort building. One of my parenting goals is to teach my kids to celebrate, not just the big momentous occasions, but even a randomly beautiful Tuesday night in July. Constructing simple […]

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dish towel fruit tote

For a quick thank you gift, hand off a pretty dish towel bag filled with locally grown fruit to your hostess or party guests this summer. I spotted similar fruit totes for sale and thought they would make wonderful sewn favors. Unfortunately, I’ve developed an crazy aversion to the sewing machine these days and was […]

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embroidered table

Quite awhile ago I got into the habit of purchasing thrifted furniture and painting it for celebrations (remember the bright pink desk and the purple bar stools). I can often find a great piece of furniture for under ten dollars. Add in a can or two or spray paint and I have an enormous impact […]

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DIY cut glass lantern

Inspired by this product that was out of my summer entertaining price range, I set out to cut my own glass, only to find that unless you are a glass professional or have a contact on the black market you cannot actually buy a small circular glass cutter (booo!). Instead, I found a couple small […]

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The Easiest Terrarium

These terrariums are the perfect accent for home or a party. They are easy to make and will withstand just about any environment. To make the terrariums you will need: Bags of soil, bags of drainage material, moss (reindeer moss is bright green and mood moss is darker green), plants, wooden dowel slightly longer than […]

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