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a welcome to fall

This Friday is the first official day of fall. Hooray! Fall is my absolute favorite season and enjoying a crisp evening dinner amidst the leaves changing is a tiny celebration in itself. We enjoyed a family dinner as a welcome to this beautiful season with the comfort food of homemade meatballs. Meatballs along with any […]

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my Mr. Handsome

Danni is running a series entitled Mr. Handsome where she interviews the husbands of bloggers. I love that she has each guy share about both the pros and cons to having a wife who blogs. Here is Matt’s interview if you’d like to read it. PS. Photo is from our 30th birthday, read more here. […]

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100 balloons in the sky

A fun benefit to living in a smaller city is the amount of festivals we have. There has been something special going on in Reno almost every weekend since we arrived this summer. This weekend we joined in the celebration and woke up while it was still very dark to attend the dawn patrol at […]

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at home | clover braclets

We’ve been spending the warm summer afternoons outdoors and daily making clover bracelets to wear. My daughter and I put together a few extra to bring around to our neighbors this week. Favors for no reason! They were adorned with simple tags saying happy summer. Is clover bracelet making a memory of yours from past […]

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at home | family breakfast

Both of my favorite places in our new home are outside. My front lawn where we spend almost every afternoon playing and my back deck where we have eaten 96% of our meals this summer. We’ve been eating breakfasts on the deck every morning and I plan to continue enjoying it until the absolute last […]

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