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holy rollers: the true story of card counting Christians

I wanted to share this documentary with you. Firstly because it is a very well done film that’s won numerous film festival awards this year and secondly because I lived the story. I mentioned this right before we moved to Reno. My husband was a professional card counter and over the past couple years played […]

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Our Home Tour

The most compelling feature about home design for me, is the interjection of my passions and personality into my space. I was honestly a bit nervous about sharing our home on Design Sponge yesterday. Your encouragement about it meant the world! Thx. I love celebrating everyday and desire our home to exemplify my passions and […]

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party in | San Diego

During my short time living in San Diego there were many celebrations to be had. The city in all its sunny glory just prompts a party to happen! Here are a few of my favorite local party suppliers: Lisko Fish Market – Once a small farmer’s market booth, these guys have landed the market on […]

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reason to celebrate | little shoes and cake

Something I rarely talk about online is our family’s struggle with infertility. Today I am sharing a small piece of our story in Melanie’s honest series. The twins have given us some of our favorite moments of celebration. I am so happy they going to be three! If you are interested, you can read more […]

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reason to celebrate | harvest breakfast

This weekend was filled with relaxed celebration. We ventured down to a little town out in the country for their annual Candy Dance, stopping by our friend’s house for a relaxing patio breakfast of fresh from the ground hash and pumpkin loaf on the way. We had such a great time celebrating the harvest and […]

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