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a moving party

The day we loaded our moving truck in San Diego we held a little last minute party. A play date for the kids with cardboard boxes, duct tape and a 26 foot moving truck. Having a party with kids the day you move is awesome because everything they could get into is nicely packed away. […]

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weekend revelries | burritos

You guys… I am moving in a week, eeek! Moving to a place that, upon mention, meets me with the same blank stare, the same cautionary, “oh good for you” smile, every time. I am crazy nervous about it. Although, I have found out that Reno does have this beautiful lake, a bed swing, pretty […]

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Say it outloud

My husband has an encouragement he likes to give while I’m styling events. “Say it out loud and see if it sounds like a good idea”. This comes in handy when I need a floating table and go through 8 different plans before deciding on nine helium filled balloons (all smiles when it worked!). If […]

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a show by the sea

Have you ever hosted an event where things have not gone quite as planned? It happens to me sometimes. I am learning that often tainted plans can lead to very wondrous moments. We had a great plan to watch a favorite movie through a projector during our birthday celebration, but the wind and waves had […]

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a birthday unlist

What do you want to do before turning thirty? Did you have a big list or a simple one? After seeing many friends make their 30 by 30 or life lists, I was a bit overwhelmed with the prospect. Giving myself more boxes to check just isn’t my thing these days, instead we made an […]

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