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Travel hacks – magic candy boosters

When traveling with our kids – let’s be honest, when doing anything with them that is not EXACTLY what they want to do – they can sometimes melt down; usually at the most inopportune times. We are home this week between two summer vacations and I’ve noticed how quickly our trips that include walking and exploring […]

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The neon graveyard

We took a trip to the neon graveyard museum in Las Vegas last week. It was amazing! There are stacks and stacks of old neon signs and vintage bulbs everywhere. There are even a few signs the museum has restored (I learned that even a small sign can cost upwards of $50,000 to restore). I […]

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How to decline a party invite

This post is sponsored by Skinny Cow. When summer hits I tend to get really overwhelmed quickly. All my dreams of lazy days lounging around quickly get lost in a sea of places to be. The invites start rolling in.. there are barbecues, camping trips, soccer games, graduation parties, and weddings all vying for the […]

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My sneaky video trick

Last month, I took a short trip to San Francisco to film a fun party clip. I am not a crazy huge fan of video – mostly because I end up feeling silly and unnatural when being filmed. I make weird faces and often freeze up when it’s time to go. Here’s the thing, no matter […]

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Passionate crafting with the kids

This blog post is sponsored by Mott’s and SocialMoms.  We all have certain images of motherhood before it happens. Although your dreams may have been different then mine, I know they existed (don’t lie). Before the twins were born, I often daydreamed of us happily crafting together with their friends on play dates. The sun […]

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