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Party Hack: Hire a babysitter

We are home from our summer vacations this week and readjusting to life. This photo was taken on a rooftop in DC, I’ll be sharing more from our travels and this fun party shoot next week. But first… we had the best experience at a party this summer because of this genius idea that will […]

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Travel hacks – magic candy boosters

When traveling with our kids – let’s be honest, when doing anything with them that is not EXACTLY what they want to do – they can sometimes melt down; usually at the mostΒ inopportune times. We are home this week between two summer vacations and I’ve noticed how quickly our trips that include walking and exploring […]

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The neon graveyard

We took a trip to the neon graveyard museum in Las Vegas last week. It was amazing! There are stacks and stacks of old neon signs and vintage bulbs everywhere. There are even a few signs the museum has restored (I learned that even a small sign can cost upwards of $50,000 to restore). I […]

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How to decline a party invite

This post is sponsored by Skinny Cow. When summer hits I tend to get really overwhelmed quickly. All my dreams of lazy days lounging around quickly get lost in a sea of places to be. The invites start rolling in.. there are barbecues, camping trips, soccer games, graduation parties, and weddings all vying for the […]

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My sneaky video trick

Last month,Β I took a short trip to San Francisco to film a fun party clip. I am not a crazy huge fan of video – mostly because I end up feeling silly and unnatural when being filmed. I make weird faces and often freeze up when it’s time to go. Here’s the thing, no matter […]

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