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What Is Your Pot-of-Gold

Happy Friday & Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want in life these days and how it can be so different than what anyone else might want. My gold at the end of the rainbow looks suspiciously like a clean house, rested kids and good friends to toast with. Whatever […]

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Festive Friday: Family Dance Party

Pretty often when my kids get home from school they ask to turn on the music. Dance parties are a part of our family DNA and it’s something I hope we keep for always. Turning on the music and just letting lose together is so good for everyone. Do you ever have dance parties at […]

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Festive Friday: A Balanced Brunch Bouquet

Some weekends all we want to do is brunch! Spending time lingering over croissants + coffee and deeply enjoying the time we have to relax is exactly what our weekends are for. Lately I’ve realized there’s no need to wait until Sunday to brunch. With all of the crazy weather and school cancellations this year, […]

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