Celebrate picnic month- Finalist #3 • A Subtle Revelry

Celebrate picnic month- Finalist #3

This picnic was submitted by Connie and doubles as a photo shoot for a very, very sweet family. I instantly fell in love with their story…

As told by Connie: I met Alexa through her blog, months after that I had found out her husband was in critical condition in the hospital- that she almost lost him in his sleep, due to a stroke. It was such a blessing that Chellis, her husband, pulled through it. Although… things weren’t the way they were before- he is now in a wheelchair, and learning how to live life in a whole new way.

I watched Alexa lift her husband out of her car and also through the fence that led us to our picnic spot. She helped him down on the ground for the picnic and made him feel comfortable when he couldn’t adjust himself. I could tell it was a struggle, and I wished there was more I could do.

The best part was hearing them laugh when the biggest physical struggles came..When it got really hard, they laughed. They laughed that it felt like a workout- and joked they might just look sweaty for their picnic pictures. Despite the storm clouds that rolled in their lives months before they’ve found happiness and joy in the journey.

Seriously, you can all wipe your eyes now… Pure sweetness.

Happy Picnicking- you have until 1pm Wednesday to vote for this picnic.



  1. Definitely voting for Connie. I had already seen these pics when she first posted them, and loved them. Then when she shared the families story and I looked back at them, I thought, WOW! My eyes welled up and my heart swelled. Wonderful family and AMAZING photographer. She captured their happiness soooooo well! Good luck to you, Bonnie!

  2. salena

    29 June

    i vote for connie! these pictures are amazing!

  3. Connie rocks.
    I like that these are a family photo shoot, but that the signs of the happy picnic is all around in the pictures.

  4. jacque

    29 June

    i love alexa’s story and connie’s photography!!! they totally get my vote.

  5. Lecia

    29 June

    I love Connie’s picnic pics and my vote is for her.

  6. AmyB

    29 June

    I vote for Connie’s pictures!

    Love these pictures!

  7. crissy

    29 June

    Connie has my vote! :)

  8. Danielle

    29 June

    Voting for Connie! I saw the pictures and read the whole story when I saw it on her blog a couple days ago. Connie is an amazing photographer and truely sees something different when she points the lense in any direction. Good Luck Connie!

  9. alexis crum

    29 June

    I love this. I read all about the story and fell in love. Such a sweet family, My vote is definetely for picnic finalist #3.

  10. Katy

    29 June

    Love these picnic pictures and the story! Definitely has my vote!

  11. Jamie Floyd

    29 June

    Voting for Connie Whole-heartedly! The 1st time I saw these pics, I sat there in awe alittle choked up b/c I had already read the story of this sweet, amazing family! Connie gave them such a special gift that celebrated life and family! She deserves to win…No doubt!

  12. Ashley

    29 June

    Voting for this one! I read the blog of the pictured family and they are just so sweet.

  13. Anne

    29 June

    the story and photography are amazing. connie’s got my vote!

  14. Gina

    29 June

    voting for connie!

  15. Melody

    29 June

    I vote for Connie! She captures the essence of a great family picnic!

  16. Kellie

    29 June

    Voting voting voting for this one! The pictures are amazing and the people are amazing.

  17. Alexa Mae

    29 June

    I have to thank Connie and you for this. It is so sweet. Connie truly did an amazing job and I was touched that she was so touched by this shoot. This picnic is my favorite picnic of all time and always will be and I am so grateful to Connie for capturing these moments for us. They will last forever. Call me biased but I think she should win.

  18. Amanda

    29 June

    what a beautiful story! and GORGEOUS pics! Love it!

  19. Connie has such a beautiful talent! I am so glad that everyone can see what a talented photographer she is!

  20. Carol Howle

    29 June

    I really love these pictures. In the black and white, it’s as if it’s in color for me. It’s so vivid and alive. I am a romantic at heart and the last two pictures of the husband and wife laying in each other’s arms on the blanket was so touching. You could feel the love and peace. Breath taking and relaxing!

  21. Kelsie

    29 June

    my vote is for connie! great story amazing family. your pictures are so awesome as well.


    29 June


  23. Vanessa

    29 June

    I love this story & Connie!

  24. Heidi

    29 June

    Love these pictures! Connie is such a talented photographer!

  25. Eeny

    29 June

    My vote goes to Connie.
    I love those pictures. Alexa and her family are so adorable and Connie did an amazing job capturing them.

  26. Whitney

    29 June

    Connie! Connie! Connie! I have been lucky to have Connie Photograph my family. She did an amazing job

  27. Britney

    29 June

    I’m definitely voting for Connie! She has such great talent! I can’t wait until she takes some photos for me!

    I also love Alexa, Chellis, and their beautiful children. Their story is so inspiring, and they amaze me!

  28. Shalynna Crandall

    29 June

    Adore these photos. They have the most darling family and are such an inspiration to many! My vote is for them!

  29. Signe

    29 June

    I love the story and the pictures. Connie has my vote.

  30. Sandra

    29 June

    Well, I voted yesterday for picnic #2, but I really love this one! I love the story and the love that is clearly shown between him+her. The photos are beautiful!

  31. Ashley

    29 June

    I vote for Connie!

  32. Jed

    29 June

    I vote for Connie. Great photography, humbling story.

  33. Kaleena

    29 June

    Even without the background story I am so in love with this picnic. But the story was beautiful and yes I cried.

  34. Tyson

    29 June

    I think these pictures are great! Definitely the best picnic pictures of the finalists. What a cute family and great story. I vote Connie!

  35. Tatiana

    29 June

    Love these pictures. She captured this adorable family perfectly. Connie has my vote!!!

  36. Megan

    29 June

    I vote for this one! :)

  37. silas

    29 June

    I vote for connie!

  38. cecilia

    29 June

    my vote is for Connie, her pictures are amazing…:)

  39. Berit

    29 June

    Hooray for Connie! I love these pictures

  40. Tony

    29 June

    I vote for Connie, the pictures are beautiful!

  41. Ruthann

    29 June

    I vote for Connie! She is SO talented!

  42. Bryson

    29 June

    These pictures are awesome. I vote for Connie.

  43. Alexandria

    29 June

    I vote for Connie! The photos are beautiful as is Ms. Alexa and her lovely family.

  44. Chelsea

    29 June

    I vote for Connie!!! This story is amazing and so are the pics ;)

  45. Bonnie

    29 June

    I vote for Connie! I hope she wins :) She is such a lovely lady.

  46. Ali

    30 June

    I vote for Connie! How adorable! ^^,

  47. Aryn

    30 June

    connie does such an awesome job! i will definately pass her name along and i will use her again!