Celebrate today… with Lane Foard

I’ve been thinking lately about celebrating not just the big, huge, wonderful events in life but also the tiny everyday moments. Today, it is a family yogurt run after the gym and enjoying a bunch of bright green fresh flowers.

I would love to hear something you are celebrating this weekend, big or small!

Plus, a collection of love notes by Lane Foard that Matt has been randomly leaving around the house, for me to find!

She also has a collection of apology cards for new parents that crack me up & would be a fun present for a baby shower.


PS. I’ve been updating the family blog this week, including a little play with the polar bears if you’d like to see.

One reply on “Celebrate today… with Lane Foard

  • iheartkiwi

    life is all about celebrating those little moments. thanks for the reminder!

    p.s. i definitely need to get those apology cards for my friends with little ones. they are hilarious!


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