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a bon voyage to summer

Saying goodbye to summer is inevitable. The back-to-school section is reminding us all this blissful season is coming to a close. Before the crazy start to fall begins, stop and celebrate! Make like Alessandra; gather your closest friends and bid a gorgeous bon voyage to this season and the setting sun.

Our palette was made of yellow and white stripes with a watermelon, the symbol of summer. The party was full of DIY details as we are avid crafters. Beautiful and easy garland hung above made by simply knotting some fabric to a rope; the same fabric we used to make the yellow and white striped runners for the tables.

All cutlery was handpainted in yellow. An America summer inspired BBQ we had lots of meat; sausages, hamburgers and skewers. All of our friends brought something to eat and we had a great time chatting at the table under the trees, lighted only by candles. Definitely a glorious end for our summer days!

Party, stationary and all DIY projects by Alessandra Aghilar. Photography Gaia Borzicchi.

  1. you did such a beautiful job on this dinner! It truly makes me *feel* summer. I love it!

  2. LaZBoy

    8 August

    It seems as though summer has just started. Thanks for the inspiration for those last minute summer BBQs.

  3. Gaia

    8 August

    Thank you Victoria for having our party on your blog!!!!
    Have a great Summer!

  4. Lena

    8 August

    What a perfect celebration!

  5. SO beautiful! I love the yellow and white stripes.

  6. Lisa Moore

    8 August

    This is so magical and beautiful! I wish I was there. Perfect.

  7. Linda L.

    8 August

    Goodbye to summer?

    Don’t be in such a hurry – it’s barely August and summer has at least four more weeks to go if you call back-to-school the end of summer. To the true end of summer, we still have almost seven weeks!

    We’re really at the halfway point – nowhere near the end.

    • Victoria

      8 August

      Linda, Oh my goodness! I totally understand… The party can be great inspiration for planning something in the next month though. I am hoping to have time for something similar. Although, we do start our fall schedule back up in three weeks here! THREE WEEKS! Yikes:)

  8. irene b

    10 August

    I was so lucky to be there!!! And I’m so lucky to have friends like alessandra and gaia!

  9. laura

    12 August

    so beautiful!!!!
    A magical atmosphere!!!
    Compliments to Gaia&Alessandra… greats girls

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