Christmas in July • A Subtle Revelry

Christmas in July

I am super excited to share this lovely little photo-shoot I styled as a cool oasis in the middle of our very hot summer. Christmas in July- 115 degree desert style (that was the actual temperature the day we shot)!

It all started with the idea to cool down and cheer up for the summer by bringing surprise Christmas gifts to our neighbors. I think that is just the loveliest of ideas, especially in July & especially if they are tied up with red twine and dragged behind a bike!

Although it is not a normal Christmas occurrence where we live, having snowballs seemed quite necessary. A vintage crate filled with water balloons hold the makings for a summer’s worth of fights that are sure to cool things down!

A dessert table is set up on a reclaimed, painted table filled with holiday treats! Christmas cookies are stacked high on a homemade cookie stand to elicit smiles all around.

To bring home the holiday spirit I planted mini Christmas trees that hung in red painted bird cages + more snow was a necessity! The beautiful white star snowflakes are the creation of Lisa and can be found for purchase HERE. A DIY on them is coming soon.

Peppermint pops made with candy, sticks and a bit of frosting were scrumptious additions.

It brought me great joy thinking through what desserts we could serve! Snowballs, candy & cookies, to drink peppermint shooters (aka melted red slurpees) seemed perfect.

And doughnuts with holiday flags that are super easy to make- see the tutorial HERE.

The bike basket was overfilled with cherries and flowers, a serious cheer bringer throughout the year.

I loved the idea of using cherries throughout our shoot. Perhaps because they bring me so much cheer? A bunch of them hung from the tree as a mistletoe to smooch underneath + cones of them serve as a healthy additions to our sweets display.

An ornament display of baby’s breath and ribbon is just as lovely in the summer as it would be hanging over a holiday table.Β  Strung from a tree or carried as a bridal bouquet I believe I am equally as smitten about using one of these as a part of any upcoming celebration!

I hope this inspires you to celebrate joy even amidst the HOT, HOT days of summer!

Photography credits to the very lovely- Chelsea Robbins
Star snowflakes via sponsor- Starcrosses



  1. Oh my goodness Vicky you are so creative! This is so adorable! We love the pepermint pops and of course the donuts!! The ornaments are so pretty….great job, we LOVE this!

  2. Ez

    27 July

    This is so charming! I love the idea of using the fresh cherries in place of mistletoe! Adorable! xo Ez

  3. Jamie B.

    27 July

    Oh wow! Everything looks aMAZing! And yummy! A treat for the eyes. Thank you for sharing. Definitely cheery.

  4. Marilyn

    27 July

    Very Very Cute. Photos are excellent!

  5. Yolanda

    28 July

    You have my wheels spinning, thinking about running with this idea next summer. Everyone has so many commitments in December, and budgets are pulled tight. But in July things are a bit more relaxed. I think an annual Christmas in July Party would be a relaxed and amazing tradition to start with friends and family, taking some more stress out of the winter holidays.

  6. christen

    28 July

    LOVE it!

  7. Sandra

    28 July

    Oh my goodness, this is lovely and oh so clever! I am always jealous+inspired by your ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Melanie

    28 July

    I love the ornaments most of all. Lovely.

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  10. Vicky

    29 July

    You all make my heart gush:) Thanks.

    Yolanda, I completely agree with you partying in July would be a great alternative to the craziness of the holiday season!

  11. chelsea

    30 July

    Thanks for letting me come along and photograph this for you. I had so much fun. It’s amazing all of the work and time you put into your parties to make them fabulous. You truly have a gift darlin.


  12. Sarah Zigler

    3 August

    Congrats on the beautiful party! Congrats on your HWTM feature! You are so talented. I have a party planned in October, and I am going to send you my pics!

  13. Vicky

    3 August

    Thanks Sarah, I look forward to seeing your photos & Chelsea my dear, you are the best:)

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  15. Dawn

    12 August

    Are donuts the new cupcake? I’m seeing so many spreads like yours popping up! Those shooters are just too clever! I can’t wait to share with my readers!

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  19. […] you’re in need of a dose of winter celebration amidst our blazing hot summer why not strap a few presents to the back of your bike and throw white water balloons into the air. It will lift you quickly out of the summer heat. […]

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