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Christmas Perler Bead Patterns Snowflakes & Fun

Christmas perler bead patterns filled with snowflakes and fun. Perler beads are totally underrated and we have a bunch of kid friendly perler bead patterns that are getting us excited these days! Since I don’t think these fun little beads were around yet when I was wee kiddo (at least I don’t think ha), I’m totally obsessed with them now as an adult and they make the best Christmas decorations that the entire family can be a part of making.

Christmas Perler Bead PatternsI know perler beads fall under kids craft supplies, but I found it totally relaxing placing each bead, and watching The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (have you watched this series yet? I’m totally obsessed. It’s so funny, and SOOO good!).

Here are our favorite Christmas Perler bead pattern sets to get you going with that holiday crafting spirit:

Perler bead snowflake patternsPerler Bead Christmas Patterns for download

You can easily download our Christmas perler bead snowflake patterns by clicking here to print.

And download our favorite Christmas perler bead patters non-snowflake related right here.

Important tips for using our Christmas perler bead patterns

Did you know that… Perler Beads come in different sizes, colors, styles and more.

The most popular size bead is 5mm in diameter, appropriate for both adults and children. If you want the kids to help with these Perler bead Christmas patterns you can opt for the ones that are called Perler Biggie Beads and 10mm diameter, and are recommended for children around 3 years old.

Getting the entire family involved in crafting with our printable Christmas perler bead patterns can also help young children develop hand-eye coordination skills and learn color names and basic counting.

Here are a few tips for working with our Christmas perler bead patterns and designs:

  • If you need to place a single bead using tweezers helps a lot! You can even grab these large size tweezers made just for this.
  • For sorting, you can use a cupcake or muffin pan to help organize colors.
  • If you lose a snowflake tip or have any other mishap a glue gun will do the trick to fix it for you.

Christmas Perler bead patterns free downloadPerler Bead Snowflakes 3 Ways

I made these snowflakes pretty quick, and today I’m showing you how to use them three ways. You can string them into a garland, hang them on the Christmas tree, or add them as a topper on a Christmas gift.

My favorite use was stringing the snowflakes together into a garland, and hanging them underneath my shelves. So without further ado, perler bead snowflakes, three ways!

Supplies Needed:

Step one: Start with a HEXAGON, perler bead pegboard.

I’ve recently learned how cool perler beads are, and so I already had a SQUARE perler bead pegboard on hand. But I quickly learned that snowflakes can’t be created on a square perler bead pegboard. The angles just will NOT work, grab the hexagon one linked above or at your local craft store.

Step Two: With the hexagon pegboard, make a six point star using our printable Christmas perler bead patterns

A six point star looks like this *(an asterisk symbol) which is basically just following the angles of the hexagon, and meeting in the middle. Once you have those basic lines created, the sky is the limit on the different designs of snowflakes you can make.

Step Three: Make all the perler bead snowflakes

Remember no two snowflakes are alike, so feel free to have fun with it, but I’ve included a PDF of 3 example perler bead snowflakes to get you started.

This is a great family craft, or an adult sit down craft, and watch all three Home Alone’s.

Step four: Iron your perler beads

Once you have a good snowflake designed, follow the directions on the perler beads to iron.

Christmas perler beadsChristmas perler bead decorations

Make perler bead Christmas garland using your just created Christmas pearler bead patterns and liven up an entire room.

Step One: To make the garland, take a hot glue gun, and an extra perler bead. Wait until the hot glue gun is at it’s very hottest, and carefully glue the perler bead to the tippy top of the snowflake, horizontally.

Step Two: Repeat with as many snowflakes as you want, then string the snowflakes together using twine, yarn, or rope. I used yarn, and it seemed to work just great.

Perler bead snowflake Christmas patternsHow make Christmas perler bead ornaments

Ornament making doesn’t get easier than this. With our perler bead Christmas patterns you can make enough for the entire family to give and enjoy.

Using a wire ornament hook, simply put one end through the snowflake, and connect the other end to your Christmas tree. VIOLA.

Christmas perler bead designs for gift wrapping

Make a gift topper with your Christmas perler bead pattern! I love love LOVE a good gift topper, and these perler bead snowflakes are SO cute on top of a gift.

Simply wrap your gift for that special someone, and as you’re adding the finishing touches, like ribbon, string the end of the ribbon through the snowflake, and DONE! A big impact with very little effort.

Photos @A Subtle Revelry by Brie Zacher.


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