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Christmas Pictionary: Words List 2022 [Free Printable]

We can’t wait for Christmas. The tree is up, the gifts are wrapped and ready (most of them anyway!), and now is the time to plan the family fun.

People – especially kids – aren’t going to remember the food or even most of the gifts they were given, in years to come, but they will remember the time spent with family and friends and the fun games that were played, so make as many happy memories as you can.

If you haven’t played Christmas Pictionary before, this year is the year to do it. See more family game suggestions here.

How to Play Christmas Pictionary

Pictionary is one of our favorite games. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are at drawing, you don’t have to get up there and paint The Mona Lisa, a stick figure will do just fine.

As long as your teammates can guess what your clues mean, that’s all that matters.

All you need is a timer, a list of Christmas words, four or more players, some pens, or markers, crayons, chalk, whatever you have! And a drawing board large enough for everyone to see – a dry erase board, plain paper, or chalkboard will work.

Ou Halloween Pictionary might give you some more ideas too.

Christmas Pictionary is quite similar to Christmas charades.

The players divide into two teams, and each team takes turns sending one player up to take a word from the Santa hat or Christmas bowl. The player then has one minute to draw clues for their team to guess, without speaking, acting, or using signals.

Teams get one point for each correct answer, and the team with the most points when all the words are gone wins the game. Don’t forget to give someone the job of keeping score, and a pen and paper to keep track!

What are Christmas Pictionary Words?

They can be anything! We have a list of Christmas Pictionary ideas below, but it is easy to come up with your own words too. You can ask each player to come up with a few and put them in the hat, or just work on a list yourself so that nobody else knows what they are.

As long as they are Christmas-themed you can use them in Christmas Pictionary! Christmas movies, Christmas songs, characters, animals, and food are all ideas that you can use to come up with words for Christmas Pictionary.

You might need to use some easier words if there are younger kids playing, we don’t want to make things too difficult for them! You can get an idea of easier words for kids here – charade words for kids – and perhaps even tweak some of them a little to come up with a kids Christmas Pictionary list.

Our Pictionary Christmas Word List

Christmas characters are a good source of words, there are so many characters associated with Christmas, with festive movies and songs and traditions being full of memorable characters like The Grinch and that little cutie from Home Alone.

Santa Claus Mrs. Claus Santa’s elves
Krampus Kevin McCallister (Home Alone) Ebenezer Scrooge
Frosty the Snowman Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer Jack Skellington
Jack Frost The Grinch Buddy the Elf
John McClane (Die Hard) Charlie Brown

Christmas movies and songs are also a great source of words, but try not to use movies that are too obscure or nobody will guess them!

Home Alone Die Hard The Nightmare Before Christmas
A Christmas Prince A Christmas Carol Love Actually
Deck the Halls The Polar Express How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Elf The Grinch Jingle Bells
White Christmas Silent Night Last Christmas
Driving Home for Christmas Let it Snow Santa Baby
Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause Fairytale of New York

Of course, food and drink are some of the best things about Christmas, so what would Christmas Pictionary be without some food-related words!

Cheeseboard Turkey Stuffing
Sweet potato Mashed potato Cranberry sauce
Pumpkin pie Apple pie Christmas pudding
Chocolate Cheese and crackers Mulled wine
Mulled cider Eggnog Christmas dinner
Gingerbread man Gingerbread house Candy cane
Sugar cookies Hot chocolate Pumpkin Spice Latte

And we couldn’t let you play Christmas Pictionary without the decorations!

Wreath Christmas tree Baubles
Tree topper Star Angel
Mistletoe Advent Calendar Reindeer
Tree ornaments Tree skirt Garland
Christmas candles Nutcracker

Some more Christmas-themed words you could use are the lines from the 12 days of Christmas song – five gold rings, eight maids milking, etc. really anything that reminds you of Christmas is fair game! Like…

Polar bear Penguin Santa’s sleigh
Reindeer Snowman Snow angel
Igloo Snow day Santa hat
Snow globe Christmas gift Christmas morning
Christmas eve Chimney Ribbon
Coal Christmas card Christmas carolers

We hope you have lots of festive fun with our list. To get our printable click here.

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Happy Holidays!