Confetti Dot Mobile • A Subtle Revelry

Confetti Dot Mobile

A confetti dot mobile in subtle colors is the perfect mix of pretty and festive. Over a cake it makes a great topper and I love the sentimental idea of hanging it up at home after the party. I have the perfect corner just waiting for its dotted confetti gorgeousness.

See the complete tutorial I designed here. Photography in collaboration with Erin Holland.


  1. Amy Powell

    14 September

    oh how pretty!! I want to make one just to make my house that much cuter. as always, amazing ideas from you!

  2. Anouk

    15 September

    OMG so pretty and so genius ! I am doing this right now !

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  4. sherri lynn

    19 September

    This is so pretty! I like that it doesn’t touch the cake so that the cake can still look pretty when you’re ready to serve it.

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