Confetti Dot Skirt • A Subtle Revelry

Confetti Dot Skirt

I just love when I happen upon a new crafting product. Last month I noticed these fabric stickers and knew they would be the start of something awesome. You can print out anything you’d like onto them and they stick right onto fabric to wear, to wash and to love. I have been experimenting with them and my favorite project so far has been adding golden confetti to the layers of a lovely pink tutu!

The stickers are super easy to use – meant forΒ nostalgicΒ photos of kids on canvas bags, I’ve found them just splendid for adding a little bling to my favorite things. Instead of a cheesy photo, choose a color or texture you love and print a full sheet of it onto the fabric stickers.

Cut out with a large hole punch, peel, and stick for an instant party update. Today I’m placing a couple onto a skirt of my own to fancy it up for New Years Eve; then a scarf, and then onto everything I own:) Just call it a golden confetti wardrobe update for the new year. xoxo

  1. kristen

    19 December

    LOVE IT!!!

  2. This is insanely cute! Absolutely adore it!

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  4. Mckenzie

    28 December

    Very cute! Love the colours together :) seems perfect for around this time of year!

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