Fashioning a crown out of confetti sequins is a fun way to make a party tiara that will be loved by every birthday girl. The combination of colorful sequins and a minimal wild wire design makes a unique party look.

Diy wire crown

With the crazy colors and explosive sequins, the crowns remind me a bit of fireworks. A BANG of sequins! Yes, forever.

DIY crown with sequins

DIY Wire Crown

To make the confetti sequin crowns we started with basic jewelry wire and a bag of bright confetti sequins.

Make one wire circle for the base of the crown and three long sections to run over the top. Wind each top section around one side and then loop to attach it directly across. Snip any extra wire with a wire cutter

The crowns can be designed to be as tall and crazy as desired. The imperfection of the wire just adds to the spunk.

Confetti sequin crowns

Once the crown is formed, take it outside over a drop cloth and spray with glue. This spray glue is my favorite (it sticks super strong without being too thick). It’s a good idea to wear gloves while doing this so your hands don’t end up coated in glue as well.

Sprinkle on the sequins and confetti. We left a couple crowns with just colored glitter on them, but the crazy look of the sequin crowns was definitely my favorite. For the bigger pieces of sequin you can place by hand.


Sequin birthday crowns

metal crowns + spray glue + sequins

Once the sequins have been placed, spray the crowns one more time to secure it all. Allow the crowns to fully dry before using to adorn heads at the next party. Make one crown for the birthday girl, or a whole set for party hats or bachelorette fun.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).