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cotton candy s’mores

This summer treat was brought to life at an afternoon glitter party. I hoped for a dessert reminiscent of summertime camping trips, like these reece’s pieces s’mores, but without the danger of fire near the girls for our play date. In the place of roasted marshmallows we stuck bright pink cotton candy with a dash of baking glitter. And can I say, they are amazing! The girls just went wild for them, and I may have had a couple too.

S’mores sans the danger, sans the mess… with an extra sweet touch

Hint: leave the chocolate out in the afternoon sun for about 20 minutes to melt it a little.

  1. Gloria

    28 June

    Sugar on top of sugar – yes! S’mores have never looked dreamier!

  2. These are so fun and pretty, would be great for a baby shower or gender reveal in pink and blue!

  3. Lena

    28 June

    They’re absolutely magical!

  4. That’s so cute!
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  5. Corrie Anne

    29 June

    Those are fantastic! I’d love a pink s’more!

  6. so brilliant and cute!

  7. Mar

    1 July

    I’m mad about cotton candy! Sounds delicious!

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