honeycomb balloon cake toppers

One of my great joys is frosting cakes with my daughter, and lucky me… she often begs to be involved in our sweet blogging creations. Some days I say, “yes” and we end up making a cake that is a bit off kilter and never more perfect. For our latest combination she brought in a handful of miniature honeycombs suggesting they looked like balloons. I couldn’t agree more (future blogger on my hands!).

We used thick floral wire to stand the honeycombs on the cake, which gave us a balloon topped cake – fun! To frost we used my new favorite cream cheese frosting, it’s a lightened-up recipe that is easy enough for us to make together. Since the frosting is healthier, I don’t feel so bad letting my girl serve it to her friends at our afternoon cake & tea dates.

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Honeycomb balloon topped cake

To make the lightened-up cream cheese frosting; mix 16 oz. reduced-fat cream cheese, softened, 1/4 cup + 2 tsp Truvía® natural sweetener spoonable, 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1 tsp milk (optional for consistency) in a mixing bowl on high for 2 minutes and spread on cake.

Truvía® natural sweetener is working this year to support all of our New Year’s goals for healthiness, while still supporting those little indulgences that make life special (like afternoon cake dates with my daughter:). They’re hosting a Facebook giveaway right here to help encourage sticking to our New Years resolutions – you could win cash or a day to the spa!

Spending time cooking and having little dates with my kids each day, keeps me happy and healthy in the midst of our crazy schedules. I also find allowing myself to enjoy a small sweet snack every day wards off cravings to eat the whole cake myself when they go to bed. It’s the little things that I find make the biggest difference in my own family’s health.

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TruviaLogo (1)Truvia® natural sweetener is a great tasting, zero-calorie sweetener made with the best tasting part of the stevia leaf. One packet provides the same sweetness as two teaspoons of sugar, and is great in coffee, tea, or even your morning grapefruit. The sweetener is available in 40-, 80- and 140-count boxes, and in a spoonable jar. Truvia® Baking Blend blends Truvia® natural sweetener and sugar to provide a sugar-like taste and texture for recipes, with 75% fewer calories than sugar. For more info, check out Truvia.com/recipes or our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube channels.

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