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cupcake wrapper wreath

cupcake wrapper wreath

DIY cupcake wrapper wreath | A Subtle Revelry

We finally took down our Christmas wreaths last week. I couldn’t bear to see them go a moment earlier! In their place, I wanted to inject a bit of brightness to offset the wintery weather outside. A collection of bright cupcake wrappers seemed to do the trick. In just about 20 minutes, this pretty wreath was happily adorning my wall.

Although not able to withstand the blizzard we are having today, it is a great accent to brighten up my walls or doors inside. The colorful display will make an adorable back drop for the baby showers and birthday’s we have coming up. Who knew there was such fun decor hiding out in the baking aisle!?!

DIY cupcake wrapper wreath | A Subtle Revelry

DIY cupcake wrapper wreath | A Subtle Revelry

To make the wreath you’ll need a wreath form that measures under 2 inches wide, and a stash of bright colored cupcake wrappers, plus a couple pieces of tape.

DIY cupcake wrapper wreath | A Subtle Revelry

DIY cupcake wrapper wreath | A Subtle Revelry

Make the wreath by folding the cupcake wrappers in half and cutting a semi-circle on the bottom of the wrappers (you can do about 8 at a time). Use a knife to make one straight cut in the wreath form and begin layering the cupcake wrappers onto the form.

Use a small piece of tape to secure the wrappers, about every 10 wrappers to be sure they didn’t fall out of place. Mostly they stay right in line though, happy to be displayed and not baked. Hang with string, and enjoy the burst of bright we all need this time of year.

More bright wreaths right here!

Photography done in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography.

  1. lena

    30 January

    This is darling–and I love a good wreath all year round!

  2. Kylara

    30 January

    I am absolutely in love with this project. I am going to make a couple of these as my inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing and its quick and easy to make.

  3. This is adorable, I love it!!

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  5. Traci

    1 February

    So unique and colorful! Perfect for any season, but it looks like it wants to welcome Spring, to me.

  6. rachel

    25 March

    I love this so bright

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