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custom wrapping paper for dad

Custom face wrapping paper with marker doodles for dad!

I saw the best idea the other day! When it comes to Father’s Day we always like to go sweet and silly with our gifts. A gift to match the guy. Well, my friends at Zazzle reminded me of this crazy awesome idea they came up with using their custom wrapping paper.

The paper is affordable and can be personalized with the face of your favorite guy.

That’s not the best part though…

Once the paper comes, you can add details to it (or give the kids a marker!)

Details like a mustache, a pirate’s patch, or a uni-brow just for fun. Rad, right!?! A Father’s Day gift he will not soon forget.

Custom face wrapping paper with marker doodles for dad!

Custom face wrapping paper with marker doodles for dad!

Custom face wrapping paper with marker doodles for dad!

I’m so in love with this idea. What fun things do you have planned for Father’s Day this year?

PS. Last year’s wrapping paper for dad.

(Photography by Jenny)

  1. What darling wrapping paper! If you can’t swing the price of a whole roll, wonder if it would work to cut out various pictures of dad (or multiples of the same image) and paste them on kraft paper? Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Love this kookie idea. Right up my alley.

  3. Ann Martin

    29 May

    Such a cute idea! I didn’t realize Zazzle offers custom wrapping paper.

  4. That is awesome! I haven’t figured out what the actual gifts will be yet, but I’m ordering the paper now!

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  8. Michelle

    4 June

    How fun is this!!! love it! :) Michelle

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