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dip dyed ice cream cones

The kids and I spent this last week visiting family in Las Vegas and laying out in the sun. It certainly feels like summer around here. As a welcome to this beautiful season sticky, drippy ice cream seems the only appropriate “hello”.

I dip dyed these cones to give a bit of celebration to our warm weather snack. They will give a colorful punch to your poolside party or warm evening celebration.

To make the dip dyed cones: Mix two or three drops of food coloring in a tall cup of warm water, stir until dissolved. Dip each cone into the color of your choice and lay out to dry (mine took about 24 hours to fully dry out). Fill with your favorite ice cream for a scrumptious summer snack.

Photography by Carly Taylor for a subtlerevelry.

PS. Ice cream in a jar, labels for your ice cream cones and the most wonderful ice cream recipe.



  1. porter

    9 June

    What a cute cute cute idea!! Perfect for summer!!

  2. oo! cute.
    does the dyeing weaken the cone?

    • Victoria

      9 June

      Once mine dried out they seemed to be just as strong. However, I did attempt using one cone before it dried and that was a mess! So be sure your cones have had time to completely dry out before use.

  3. Clever, as usual! Cute little added perk to the already amazing treat of ice cream. My peanut will LOVE doing this, I’ll just have to buy some cones.

  4. Lena

    9 June

    This is so genius!

  5. Stephie

    9 June

    Too clever Victoria! I love the cream jug as well. Stephie x

  6. Rebecca

    9 June

    love the ice + cream ;)

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  9. Carly

    9 June

    Where did you get the adorable milk carton creamer?

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  11. sly fox

    10 June

    i LOVE your blog. you have such great ideas! keep up the amazing work!

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  14. Melodie

    14 January

    I have done this before..Dry them in the oven. What I did was put a cooling rack in the oven and turn on 170 degrees. Just watch them.. It does not take long. Sugar cones take longer then cake cones. They turn out beautiful !!!

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  17. ashley lomax

    17 April

    Help!! I tried to dye cones orange for my sons 3rd birthday party. I followed your directions but when I laid them out to dry….They started collapsing on themselves! :( I wanted them to look like traffic cones, so its really important for them to be orange. Please help! I even tried putting a second, non dyed cone underneath it for support.

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