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DIY Luggage Tag Template + My Secret Packing Trick

Summer travel season is a upon us and Matt and I have big plans! We have a trip to Scotland in the works for late summer and a couple quick weekend jaunts in between. We created this fun DIY luggage tag template and a pretty leather backed holder for it that will make all our summer travels a little more organized and pretty. And speaking of staying organized as we travel, in partnership with Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus who is obviously coming along for the ride… I have the best packing trick to share with you!

DIY Luggage Tags

As a busy working mom, my packing – even for big trips tends to be a matter of tossing what’s clean and still fits into a bag. HA! Can you relate?

But as you pack with little time and lots of adrenaline you want to land fresh where you are going. You know that feeling when the plane takes off and you finally relax? That’s the feeling I want my clothes to have too!

When we land I want everyone and everything I’m traveling with to be smooth and happy. To accomplish this, I’ve started using Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus when I travel. I’ll show you how it works for me to make traveling 100% better without any extra work.

DIY Luggage Tag Template

DIY Luggage Tag Template

The first element to making sure all the baggage gets to where we are going smoothly is by ensuring it doesn’t end up lost on the way! To keep your bags safe while in route download our pretty luggage tag template right here. The luggage tag template pdf is quick to print and can be used on it’s own or in a luggage tag.

I’m partial to our design which I’ll give you all the steps to create below. I love it mostly because it’s a pull out design – meaning our DIY luggage tag template and all the personal info on it will not be hanging off our bags for the entire world to see.

Since we love packing quickly and with ease, I use Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus as I pack and unpack for clothes that look iron fresh without the chore of ironing, because what’s a vacation with chores???

Downy Wrinkle releaser review

My Secret Luggage Trick

Here’s my secret packing trick, before putting the clothes I grabbed that are clean and still fit ;) into my suitcase. I spray each with the Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus. By following the instructions (spray, tug and smooth), it gives me an iron fresh appearance to each dress and skirt I’m bringing and takes barely any time! Bonus? My clothes smell amazing too!

packing tip with luggage tags

When I start with no wrinkle clothes, I get there with no wrinkle clothes that are happy and as ready to get this vacation going as we are!

The travel-size Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus can be packed right in with our clothes so that when we land a quick spritz is all that’s needed for a wardrobe that doesn’t even remember the chores back at home. (And the travel size is even safe for carry-on bags!)

I especially love this when we are traveling to the beach, camping, or for staying in little bed & breakfasts across Scotland where I’m not sure what the ironing (or laundry) capacities will be anyway. This travel trick has saved me so much hassle and makes sure my clothes are as ready to relax as I am, and stay looking fresh and smelling great.

DIY bag tagsPeek-A-Boo DIY Luggage Tags

Here’s how to make our peek-a-boo DIY luggage tag template, you will need:

DIY luggage tag template and holder

Instructions for making the DIY luggage tag with our printable template:

1. Print the DIY luggage tag template right here and cut out the fabric template and luggage tag.

2. Pin the template to the leather fabric and felt fabric and cut out.

3. Paint the leather fabric. We splattered coordinating color but you could do stripes or a mix of colors. Have fun with it! Let dry.

4. Using your sewing machine, sew an inch along the top, turn at the corner, and sew down along the side. Repeat along the other side.

5. Cut out a piece of vinyl the same size as the luggage tag and stick to the back. This adds a little stability to the paper.

6. Using a hole punch, make a hole for the ribbon to slide through.

7. Cut a length of ribbon. Fold in half, slide the loop through the tag hole, slide the ends of the ribbon through the loop and pull tight.

homemade luggage tag template

Take the ends of the ribbon and slide through the two layers of the fabric luggage tag. Feed through the slit at the top of the luggage tag, hiding your information inside.

Then just knot the ribbon around your luggage and Bon Voyage.

Between pretty luggage tags on the outside and vacation ready clothes on the inside, packing for summer trips will be a breeze! Download our diy luggage tag template and grab your own Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus for a vacation ready bag that will land as happy as you feel.

PS. My favorite trip we’ve ever taken.

This post is done in paid partnership with Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus, a product I love to use while traveling and at home. All opinions and text my own.


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  1. I guess this product would be a great addition to my products in my RV. I don’t have an iron for winkles or a dryer.

  2. Just another traveling tip. We always put a tag with our name, address, phone number and so on in case the outside ones come off. It’s an easy thing to do, but helps with issues if needed. Thanks for your template and tips.

  3. Your luggage tag design is the best- fast and easy to make- and it is private! I plan on making mine with hand felted wool pieces. Thanks for the idea and template! Will make great small Christmas gifts for my traveling girlfriends!

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