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Create Your Own DIY Wood Wall Art

Inside: Create Your Own DIY Wood Wall Art

I don’t know about you but I LOVE filling my walls with colorful fun art that brings life to my space. From DIY frames to hold photos of you and all your BFF’s to an inspiring piece that creates a conversation for you and all your guests, decorating your walls is such a fun way to show who you are and what you love. Us and our friend Kell from Simply Handmade were inspired to create a DIY wood wall art for every style, check it out!

Create Your Own DIY Wood Wall Art
How to Make Wood Wall Art

What You Need to Make Your Own DIY Wood Wall Art

To make our colorful DIY wood wall art canvas pieces you will need:

DIY Wood Supplies
  • Wood Canvas (We used a wood canvas and flipped it over to create a framed look)
  • Square Dowels
  • Sand Paper
  • Dowel Cutter/Saw
  • Paint (We used two different shades of one color, a lighter and darker)
  • Wood Glue

How To Make Our Fun Wall Art DIY

There are just a few easy steps you need to take to create this fun DIY wood wall art!

How to Make Wood Wall Art
  1. First, you want to start by measuring and cutting your square dowels the sizes you will need.
  2. Make sure to sand all wood surfaces for a clean look. Also, don’t forget to wipe any remaining dust from the wood before you begin painting.
  3. Then I like to place my wood pieces onto my canvas to make sure I find a good layout I like before painting. (Helpful Tip: Take a quick photo of the layout you like, so when you go to glue them down you can refer back to your photo for their placement!)
  4. Next paint each dowel piece with your darker paint color.
  5. Then paint your wood canvas with your lighter paint color.
  6. Once those are dry, use wood glue to secure each piece to your canvas in the layout that you created before.
  7. Now let that dry!
How to Make Wood Wall Art

If you want to hang your wood canvas, you can always attach a small wall hanger to the back!

How to Make Wood Wall Art

Simply Handmade – Wall Art

Our girl Kell from Simply Handmade created her own DIY wood wall art using the same idea but with a VERY special twist! Check out her video and see her step by step process! I promise you will love it.

The Fun Doesn’t Stop Here

The DIY fun never stops with us! If you love these DIY Wood Wall Art pieces then you will love these other great projects!

How to Make Wood Wall Art
  • No-Sew Scrunchies – Girl, it’s time to accessorize with these easy NO SEW scrunchies! That’s right, I said NO SEW!
  • DIY Planters – Show your little house plant sweeties some love with these cute DIY Planters.
  • Ping Pong String Lights – Light up your space with these cute, colorful lights.

Let us know in the comments what you love to decorate your walls with!

(Photos @ASubtleRevelry created for us by Whitney Gray)

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  1. Simple designs but so nice. Can play with different colors. Mix and match according to your liking. I can definitely create something like this. :)

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