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28 Creative Ideas for Throwing a Dog Birthday Party

Inside: 28 Creative ideas for throwing a dog birthday party.

Celebrating our sweet pups birthday is high on our list. Not only is it nice to remember their special birthday, but also the kids just LOVE celebrating their animals. They might have enjoyed throwing our dog a birthday even more than planning their own! Here are 28 creative ideas for throwing a dog birthday party that will inspire your own puppy loving fun.

28 Creative Ideas for Throwing a Dog Birthday PartyCreative Ideas for Throwing a Dog Birthday Party

Everyone Has a Spot: This little table set up is perfect for all the dogs to gather around and share their kibble jokes!

Paw-ty Invitations: These puppy paw-ty invitations are the cutest invites for you doggy bash!

Puppies & Sprinkles: I love a good party theme, and this puppies and sprinkles party theme is full of creative decoration ideas for a dog birthday party!

Puppy Backdrop: Add a little more furry flair to your dog birthday party with this puppy backdrop. It’s SO cute!

Good Boy Gifts: These doggy bowl gift baskets are full of cute puppy ideas and fun treats. They make great party favors or a gift for your puppy friend.

Photobooth: This “kissing booth” is the perfect little spot to snap a shot of your little pup and all his friends!

MotherPuppers: This Happy Birthday MotherPuppers banner is so funny and the cutest addition to a puppy party!

Puppy Party Hats: Dress up the pups with these DIY party hats! They will be so cute!

Playful Dog Party: On the subject of great dog decor themes, this playful dog party has to be the classiest puppy party I have ever seen.

Puppy Pool: I love this creative idea for a dog birthday party, especially during the summer. Throw in some of the ice toys,(see below), and you have the perfect summertime puppy party!

Dog Water Fountain: This is a fun and refreshing way for the pups to stay hydrated!

Fun Treats for Your Dogs Birthday

Treat Bags: I love these personalized doggy bags, filled with yummy treats and toys! This is such a fun and creative ideas for throwing a dog birthday party!

Doggy Cake Pops: DOG. CAKE. POPS. Yes, dog cake pops. This is the best idea I have ever heard!

Frozen Dog Treats: To help your dogs cool down on a hot party day, try these DIY frozen dog treats. They’re easy to make with only three ingredients, and they’ll keep all your pups guests busy for, well, maybe a few minutes.

Dog Birthday Cake: We made a dog birthday cake for the event with a really fun dog treat birthday candles to top the cake. Perfect for celebrating our favorite pup around!

Dog Chews: Make these healthy and EASY dog chews are for all your party guest!

Custom Cookie Box: Give your furry friend the perfect personalized gift for their birthday! These custom cookie boxes are the perfect way to tell Fido you LOVE THEM!

Pupcakes: These are the cutest little pupcakes ever!

Dog Donuts: Who doesn’t love donuts? These doggy donuts are a fun and creative idea for throwing a dog birthday party, plus they are sure to be a hit all around.

hilarious dog birthday ideas The Best Dog Games for Any Paw-ty!

Collar Station: Let the pup owners get a little creative making “leashes” or “collars” for themselves or for their dogs if you include a puppy adoption center. You can get fancy and buy kits, or you can make a bunch of popsicle stick bracelets in advance and let the kids have fun decorating them with whatever you have that is age-appropriate.

Puppy Play Box: This is such a fun and creative ideas for throwing a dog birthday party. It’s fun, bright, and great for a great group of dogs!

Ice Toy: Grab some fun toys all your puppy guest will love, stick them in a bowl and pour in some water. Freeze this ice treat and let them enjoy!

The Cup Game: Get three or more cups, boxes or containers that you can hide a treat under. Set the cups upside down, placing treats under only one of the cups. If your dog has never played this game, you can start out by showing her where the treats are and covering them up. Once she gets the hang of the game, make it more difficult by not letting her see which cup the treats are under.

Fetch Station: This fetch station is a creative idea for throwing a dog birthday party. Grab some fun tennis balls, bouncy balls, and frisbees and let all the pups enjoy!

Doggy Ball Pit: Talk about a cute idea, this doggy ball pit is too fun! Fill up your kiddy pool with fun balls and toys and let those pups have some fun!

Dog Bone Hunt: Purchase a bunch of dog bone treats, or print out several pictures of dog bones and then hide them around the party area. Then, let the pups go find them before a timer is up. How much time you give, and if you choose to give a prize for the most bones found is up to you.

Dog Obstacle Course: Turn your backyard into a dog agility competition ring! You don’t need a lot of special equipment to set it up, and the kids would have a blast. You can buy obstacle course sets in every price range!

Hopefully, these creative ideas for throwing a dog birthday party are helpful for your next puppy party! Let us know your favorite doggy party ideas is!

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