50th birthday cakes

I love the awesome look that getting older has these days; from 50th birthday cake ideas, to running after life bucket lists. While I am still far from this number, but still firmly in my 30’s, fifty doesn’t seem quite so far away or scary as it once was. With Don Draper starting Mad Men at age 42, the character is nearing this milestone with the final 1/2 season approaching. So in honor of 50 looking pretty freaking cool these days – here is a collection of easy 50th birthday cakes for the party of the 1/2 century!

50th birthday cake ideas - donut cake

Donut you love turning 50! Make one of these scrumptious 50th birthday cakes and your mom/dad/friend/husband/self will thank for starting out the second-half of life on an awesome note.

orange sherbet cake

Orange sherbet cake for old fashion fun.

colorwheel cheesecake

Adding huge sections of color to life is what the next years will all be about!

50th birthday cakes - Golden foil cake

Classic gold with a modern graphic punch.

Glitter Cake

Shine and sparkle is what every 50th birthday party needs, here’s a glitter cake to deliver just that.

Black tie cake

For a formal black tie party that would make everyone at Sterling Cooper jealous needs a black tie worthy cake.

Dried fruit sprinkle cake

Dried and edible pineapple fruit cake to dream about all the wonderful vacations to come.

typography cake

It’s easy to swap out the letters for numbers, or names in this cake for a series of talking 50th birthday cakes.

Balloon birthday cake

50 balloons covering a cake would look insanely cool.

Ice cream sandwich cake

Layers of ice cream and cookies will bring back nostalgia. Make 4 or 5 different flavors for a fabulous table of 50th birthday cakes.

cinn roll birthday cake

Cinnamon rolls in any shape and size (especially HUGE) are perfect for 50th birthday cakes!

Strawberry layered cake

Layered strawberries make for a cake that has substantial style.

S'mores birthday cake

From boy scout camp outs, to 50th birthdays, this s’mores cake is one for the years.

Candy jewel cake

A cake filled with jewels (and a gift of jewels) is one Betty would approve of and will make every birthday perfect.

checkerboard cake

Play a favorite game and bake this checkerboard cake for a relaxed and easy 50th birthday party.

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