Drinks and Toppers for New Years Day

Before New Year’s Eve parties were all the rage, New Year’s Day used to get much more play. I love the thought of gathering with friends (enjoying a cosmopolitan drink) on the first day of the year to celebrate all that is new and start off the year right. Whether you are ringing it in at midnight or celebrating at 10am, I’ve got three great drink ideas and three fun ways to top your glasses in festive style. So, if your resolution is to be awesome this year… this cosmopolitan drink will start you off right.

Party balloon drink markers


Easily remind your guest which glass is theirs by using a collection of colorful balloons. Small water balloons work best for this bar update and a hand pump will make the job a breeze. To make the balloon glass markers, blow up the balloons to about 80% full and tie around the stem of the glasses. They will quickly take your bar festivities up a notch.

Mimosas are the morning drink of my dreams. For New Years give your mimosas the royal treatment by using a more tropical juice drinks like Simply Tropical, which has a fabulous pineapple taste that makes the drink seem extra special along with an added shot of fancy orange liquor (my secret weapon to make every mimosa phenomenal!). The taste will ensure your friends that this year is truly going to be awesome.

cosmopolitan drink

Wooden star drink toppers

Wooden stars are a another pretty way to gussy up your bar for New Years. Thesecosmopolitan drink toppers are reminiscent of all our desires to wish upon a star this year. A package of small wooden stars can be found at any craft store and a few strokes of colorful paint will bring the party feature to life.

Wooden star garland

The stars make a pretty garland for hanging behind the bar. To secure onto the cosmopolitan drink glasses place the stars on a cutting board and use a knife to make a small slit in the star (wide enough for the glass width) but not too deep. Place on glass with a dab of corn syrup to hold securely into place.

Fruity cosmopolitan drink

To entice your friends into celebrating the New Year, it is fun to suggest a specific party cocktail to offer. This updated cosmopolitan drink is a fruity and festive way to start 2015 in style. To make the cosmopolitan drink, pour equal part Simply Fruit Punch, vodka and 2 drops of bitters into a cocktail shaker. Shake with ice and serve this fresh take on a standby party drink with star on top.

Flower drink markers

Flower drink markers

Floral sticker drink markers

Using stickers to differentiate and top glasses is just about the easiest idea I know for gussying up the bar. Find a package of pretty floral stickers at your local craft store and a bag of minature clothesline clips. Stick the stickers on the clips and clip on the top of your glasses for a gorgeous way to serve the drinks.

Floral sticker drink markers

New Year juice bar

With pretty glass toppers and fresh juice drinks set out, your guests will be ready to celebrate in style. When we are hosting parties, it is important to have a non-alcoholic option available. I’ve had fun trying out the new all natural Simply Juice drinks, they each have great strong flavors made with real fruit juice that not only go well with my bar drinks, but also taste great on their own. I’d have no problem handing my guests a glass of The Simply Mixed Berry, or Simply Tropical straight from the bottle as a cocktail alternative. Check out Facebook for more juice themed inspirations. Why not make those New Year’s resolutions easy for your friends!

This post is done in promotional partnership with Simply Juice Drinks. All ideas and the cosmopolitan drink recipe are my own. Thanks for supporting the friends and partners that have allowed me to post daily this year. xoxo