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35 Fun Easter Games To Play

Inside: 35 Fun Easter Games to Play

Easter brings with it the promise of Spring, the taste of chocolate bunnies and fruity jelly beans, and the celebration of the Risen King!

There are so many fun reasons to host a party or get together this Easter and some festive games are the perfect addition to the occasion. With fun Easter games that you can DIY, games you can buy, games that come together in a snap, and games that’ll make you laugh and laugh, there’s something for everyone in this list of 35 Easter Games.

35 Easter game that are fun to play with kids & familyEaster games for kids that you Can DIY

Grab the gals and get crafting! These fun Easter games for kids are so much fun to make and even more fun to play. They’ll quickly become favorites year after year.

Easter Egg Pom Pom Poppers: These pom pom poppers are so cute and make the perfect little launchers. See who can shoot the farthest!

Puzzle Easter Egg Hunt: Break up a puzzle and fill Easter eggs with a piece each. It’s really fun to make your own puzzle by coloring an Easter-themed picture or writing a Bible verse about the resurrection onto the pieces. Have everyone work as a team, adding their puzzle pieces together.

DIY Bunny Bowling: Decorate bowling pins (wood or plastic) to look like bunnies. Start by painting them white then add paper ears and painted noses, whiskers, and teeth. Use a giant egg as the bowling ball and see who can get a strike!

Easter Egg Rocket Race: Anyone up for a little science experiment? This game brings all the excitement when Easter egg rockets launch into the sky! Have all players build theirs at the same time, with a judge standing by to see who blasts off the highest!

Confetti Egg Fight: We originally designed these confetti eggs for a fun twist on a classic Easter egg hunt, but I see no reason why they can’t be used for a friendly egg fight! Toss them at each other like you would a snowball for a festive surprise at every crack! This is such a fun Easter game!

Poke a Bunny: In this game, you’ll create a bunny-shaped board out of paper cups covered in tissue paper. Place a little toy or piece of candy in some (or all!) of the cups before you seal them up. Each player will poke a hole and enjoy their prize!

And here are 8 DIY yard games to make the egg hunt outside extra fun.

Easter gamesFun Easter Games You Can Buy

Fun Easter games that are minimal effort and maximal entertainment…yep, I’m about it!

Bunny Ring Toss: Ring toss is a game that goes well with any holiday and any age group and these little bunnies are just too sweet!

Colorful Egg & Spoon Race: Skip the slimy mess and opt for this colorful set instead.

Sticker Egg Cover Up: Grab a pack of these white plastic eggs that come with Easter stickers galore. Have players attempt to cover every inch of their eggs in stickers in a race against each other…and the clock!

DIY Easter gamesLast-Minute Easter Games

Because sometimes even the best-laid plans need a back-up plan!

Easter Egg Guess: I love this idea of finding random (and tiny) household objects, putting them inside an Easter egg, and having each player make a list of everything they think is inside! There’s no way anyone will know all of the things, it’s a real stumper!

Jelly Bean Pickup: All you need for this game is jelly beans, straws, and strong lungs! Have players suck up the beans through their straws, transferring them from the table to their bowl. They’ve got one minute to see who can pick up the most.

Scrambled Eggs: Partners work together to unscramble mismatched Easter eggs and put the matching pairs back together. Here’s the catch: each player can use only one hand.

Easter Egg Memory: Grab a bag of plastic eggs and a mixed bag of candy. Put a piece of candy inside each egg, but only two pieces of the same type of candy. Lay them out and have players open two eggs at a time, removing them from the surface if they’ve found a matching piece of candy. Repeat until all matches have been made…or until all candy has been consumed :) This is one of my favorite fun Easter games!

How to play fun Easter gamesThe Most Hilarious Easter Games

These fun Easter games will make you LOL, I can guarantee it!

Bobbing for Peeps: Like the fall favorite, bobbing for apples, but with sugar crusted marshmallow-y treats instead!

Don’t Lay the Egg: Blow up balloons, enough for one per player. Each person will put a balloon between their legs and try to run from one end of the yard/house to the other without losing/”laying” their balloon/”egg.”

Peeped Out: You’re going to need as many Peeps as possible for this game which requires you to stick as many as possible to a teammate’s face! Will they be “peeped out” or freaked out? You tell me ;)

Bunny Hop Sack Race: We’ve all participated in a sack race but not with giant cotton balls on our bums. You could also require everyone to wear ears too!

Egg Steal: Give each player a basket full of Easter eggs that they’ve got to protect while trying to steal from everyone else. If they drop an egg out, they’re out of the game. Continue to play for 5 minutes or until there’s a clear winner!

And 27 party games for kids that will make any party Easter or not WAY more fun!

Are you guys ready to party, or what?! I am already excited to plan a little spring fling this Easter and can’t wait to include some of these fun Easter games. Kids, adults, family, or friends, I really think the whole crowd will enjoy playing. Do you have any Easter traditions you could turn into a game for something extra special this year? Share with me.

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