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Fabric backdrop frame- a tutorial

From the fall inspired apple celebration this morning, a tutorial for easy (and cheap!) to make fabric party backdrops.

A pretty way to liven up a table and it can be created for under $20. Chris is here to share with us the tutorial for this piece…

Fabric party backdrop

The materials:
3 lengths of 1″ PVC pipe- two 7 foot poles, and one 5 foot pole (they will cut it to size for you at the hardware store).  You’ll also need 2 “T” attachments, and 2 elbow attachments to fit the pipes; two medium size planters or buckets, and Quikrete.

The process:

  • For each 7 foot pipe attach 1 “T” and 1 elbow at either end, using super glue if you like.  Insert the “T” end into a planter/bucket (make sure if there’s a hole in the bottom of the planter, you cover it).
  • Fill the planter/bucket near the top with Quikrete.  Do this for both 7 foot poles and attach the 5 foot pole between the 2 using the elbow attachments.
  • Begin watering down the Quikrete in the bucket until it puddles on the top, but doesn’t overflow.  The water will eventually sink down and you’ll continue to add water every 5-10 minutes until the puddle on top of the Quikrete no longer sinks down.
  • Let your frame set up overnight and then you are ready to hang your backdrop.

This is such an easy way to make any outdoor space celebration ready.



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  1. I’ve been thinking about doing one of these for awhile! Just hadn’t gotten a list together of the materials I would need, now I don’t have to. Thanks!

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