Last week I was quite inspired by the tutorial for fabric tape I found here, originally found here.

Quickly remembering a perfect loose piece of fabric I had been saving for just an occasion as this- a vintage, stripped, worn and soft pillowcase. I grabbed it out and was thrilled to whip up a batch of this lovely tape.

My version was tweaked from the original fabric tape tutorial. I used masking tape, modge-podge and freezer paper, since it was what I had on hand. The tape came together quickly and beautifully. It could be used to wrap many spring party presents in style.

As lovely as tape is though, it doesn’t inspire me quite like a decedent cupcake would… and so, to celebrate Matt being done with his finals this week and to welcome in summer officially starting…

I give you fabric tape cupcake flags!

Standing boldly on my favorite recipe in all the world.

Such an easy way to say hello to this new and lovely season.

In other news, congrats to Jenna for winning our sponsor giveaway this week!!!

Next week will be a lovely welcome to summer with Sherbert photos and a grand kickoff for our month of picnicking. The prize package is almost complete and is HUGE! So grab your blanket this weekend, get out under a tree and snap a few pictures for us- The contest will start Tuesday.

Until next week- enjoy being lovely because you really are:)