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fabric tape tutorial

I used my favorite scarf to make this fabric tape last year. After snagging it in a door, I was quite happy to give the accessory a new life as beautiful tape! Last week I found the tape, remembered how much I adored it and used pieces of it to brighten a otherwise boring corner.

I immediately remembered we had shot this tutorial and never ended up posting it. Here are a few tips on recycling your clothing and making fabric tape. A very easy and fun way to brighten up a corner, or to hold a large floral backdrop.

To make the fabric tape, first run lengths of plain masking tape along the glossy side of wax paper. Using a small brush cover the top of the tape with Mod Podge. Then lay your fabric down on top of the tape and let dry. Once dry, cut the strips of tape off of the wax paper and peel the paper off the backside. Roll up for future wrapping or decorating uses!

Photos by Jackie Wonders, originally styled for the plum Love editorial shoot.

PS. Another old scarf of mine turned into a picnic basket!

  1. Girl, you think of the greatest ideas. So original!!!!!! The only problem: I would be so sad to use my favorite scarf… :(

  2. Lena

    22 February

    This is incredible–I had no idea you could do this!

  3. What a fabulous idea. You are so incredibly creative.

  4. Emily

    22 February

    I am absolutely in love with this. Perfect idea for saving those dying Valentine’s Day flowers!


  5. Had heard of this idea somewhere…but only now saw it demonstrated. Fantastic!

  6. Stephie

    23 February

    Lovely! Stephie x

  7. becca

    23 February

    what a wonderful idea! i’m sure one day i’ll ruin my favorite scarf…they always seem to find the hooks in anything. thanks for sharing!

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