Fall in love • A Subtle Revelry

Fall in love

Last last month I had the honor of styling a small, intimate engagement party for friends. We set up in the outer backyard (which seemed like the middle of the woods). The evening was spent mainly around a bon-fire pit where sweet stories of love were told, hopes for a new life together celebrated and caramel apples roasted. It was the perfect welcome to fall!

I used a hefty stack of wooden pallets as our treat table. They hit perfect rustic note for our evening, the contrast of sharpie written industrial notes and chocolate treats is heavenly.

I grabbed the palettes from our local Crate & Barrel, in the process I learned that many home stores have extras piled in back. If you show up with a nice smile and a truck, they will easily pass a couple off to you. Stack 6 high and you have the makings for an easy (& free) fall table.

While designing this party I couldn’t get past my absolute love for the summery mason vases and pretty flowers I’ve seen everywhere. To bring the look into fall I covered mason jars in burlap and wrapped twine around dark glass bottles. Filled with flowers, baby’s breath and herbs I created a small fall garden as our centerpiece.

Accented with a beautiful teal fabric flower found HERE.

Above the table Roger, our a porcelain deer head peered in from his spot wrapped around a tree. A whimsical “oh dear” banner hung from his antlers- I used a sweet download given by Creature Comforts in the creation of the banner.

The tree branches provided the perfect spot for hanging shelves with a bit of twine and a thick rope banner filled with colorful paper scraps.

The vintage crates I created became a lovely holding spot for all the apples we planned to roast. Along with roasted apples we served old fashioned pinwheels…

A scrumptious plate of ginger snap cookies and piles of caramel candy.

Plus a simple cinnamon sprinkled cake that hosted a handcrafted LOVE crate topper. I designed & created the topper to coordinate with the larger crates found throughout the space.

The sugary goodness was washed down with glasses of herb infused wine as we celebrated the joy a certain little diamond ring represents.

After filling everyone’s tummies with treats we made our way over to the bonfire where we roasted apples with caramels over a blazing flame.

I designed these caramel apple favors for our evening which were quickly disassembled to be warmed and eaten.

Congrats Devyn and A.J. – May your marriage be as welcoming as this years’ antler infused fall has been!

Photography credits: Jackie Wonders



  1. Awesome party Vicky! Loving all the details.


  2. Yolanda

    13 September

    Beautiful party. I’ve never heard of roasting apples over a bonfire. Sounds lovely.

  3. chelsea

    13 September

    this is so so cute. Great job Vic. You’re so talented.

  4. Sandi

    13 September

    beautiful! the apples sound delicious!

  5. Laura

    14 September

    Wonderful party, Vicky. I love all the flower pieces and how fall-y you made them. Too cute.

  6. Feli

    14 September

    I’m in love!

    Please tell me where I can get this wood cutlery!
    In Germany, I only can buy something like this: http://files.tradoria.de/2cc2070f242c5e3b561dd1af3d22f2dd/images/fd95a53c13643d2ef3a99ad291aea878.jpg

    Thank you soooooo!!!!

  7. Feli

    14 September

    Oh! I’ve found: it’s from Seletti called Lunch


  8. Jessica Lynn

    14 September

    gorgeous! you have such talent! what a lucky couple and a lovely party!

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  10. MommaHen

    9 October

    Neat! I love this look of this party!

  11. Amazing party!Tha project is so cute and the decoration rocks!!
    xoxo :)

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