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father’s day fridge magnets


Father’s Day is coming up and our long time sponsor Pinhole Press has a great selection of photo gifts for dad. I love this set of photo print fridge magnets – especially with a few shots of the kids. They are easy to order and a great place for dad to track his weekly plans. I love the idea of presenting them by writing in a week’s worth of activities to do with dad – extend his day a bit, he’s worth it. 


PS. Last year we gave the gift of personalized beer

  1. Laura

    31 May

    This is really cute, and I loved the beer one from last year too. Sunday, June 16th here we come!

  2. […] huge fans of Pinhole Press for their creative take on showcasing memories (remember this wall, or these magnets) for years. For their 2016 holiday line Pinhole Press got even more creative and let the kids […]

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