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Kid's artwork on cups for Father's Day (pair with his favorite drink!).

With Father’s Day coming up I have been thinking hard about a creative way to give Matt his yearly dose of children’s artwork. He is such a great dad and adores getting art pieces from the kids (like printed face wrapping paper). Every year we try to do a little something special to celebrate him. This year I decided to try my hand at using dishwasher safe craft glue to create a set of artwork clad cups for him. I’ve partnered with T.J. Maxx today to share how easy & fun it can be to make a special Father’s Day gift.

Father's Day idea: Kid's artwork on cups / gift with his favorite drink!

To make the Father’s Day artwork cups we started with a set of cups from T.J. Maxx and a few great bottles of Root Beer. Their selection of fun independent label drinks and food is one of my favorite things about the store. No matter what your favorite dad may be into, there is bound to be a selection of yummy snacks and drinks to go with it + a set of glasses to match.

Have the kids create their artwork on tissue paper, I used a mix of patterned wrapping tissue paper and let the kids go wild with the markers. The result is a fun graphic collection that is all their own. Artwork done in a way he will treasure and adore.

Use dishwasher safe craft glue painted under and over the tissue paper to secure it to the cups. It will make your artwork printed cups usable and washable (hand wash only I would suggest). Gift to your favorite dad along with his favorite drink for a Father’s Day he’ll really love.

Kid's artwork on cups for Father's Day (pair with his favorite drink!).

Hot pink purse!

And I’m sure you could guess that I had to at least to a little shopping for myself while I was at the store. Father’s Day + a new hot pink purse both checked off my list in one quick shopping trip makes it a raving success to me!

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