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We are a pizza family. Whether we are making it at home, heading out to our favorite spot, or grabbing slices on the road – pizza is a weekly menu item around the Hudgins house.

Some weeks though, heading out for pizza just isn’t in the cards and we turn to making it at home. Sometimes we use naan bread, sometimes Matt crafts amazing miniature pizzas with easy pre- packaged dough, and most nights when the dough process seems too crazy we bake an Oven-Ready pie. Whenever we are making pizzas at home our toppings quickly become the star of the show. We’ve tried everything from heirloom tomatoes to french fries… I’ve definitely settled into my favorite toppings over the years and found the best drinks for each topping as well. Since we eat pizza so often, changing up the toppings can make each batch feel like a fresh take on an often-loved meal.

As we head into the crazy schedule fall brings, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite pizza toppings and drink pairings. If you have any to share, I’d love to hear about them also – since I imagine we all have busy pizza filled nights ahead.

The best thing about having a CPK oven ready pizza waiting at home is that I can create a handful of different dinner options by just adding fresh toppings! Way back in college we started buying these pizzas and updating them with our own toppings. It’s a fun way to create a quick meal that perfectly matches whatever my latest cravings and tastes may be.

Favorite pizza toppings

1. Peppered arugula, goat cheese + Prosecco
This has been my go to pizza all summer long! Get a wild peppery arugula and through it on top along with goat cheese crumbles. The spice is amazing and you are basically eating a salad when you think about it;) I’ve been pairing a crisp Prosecco with the pizza; the sweetness really offsets the spice and makes the entire meal feel like a breezy summer night.

2. Artichokes, red onions, salami + Radlers
Not much beats a good crisp red onions and artichoke. Paired with fresh cured salami and I’ve got a pizza that can instantly transport me to the Italian countryside. I’ve been savoring this version with Radlers this summer. Have you tried one yet? I had my first Radler drink at the end of May and have basically asked for it at every bar I’ve been to all summer. It’s the refreshment of a sparkling soda mixed with the bite of a fresh summer beer. It pairs perfectly with any type of summer dinner – but is exceptionally stealer with this pizza pair.

Favorite pizza toppings

3. Blistered heirloom tomatoes + Lemonade

I never liked roasted tomatoes until about 2 years ago when we grew some in our garden and I tried them blistered and fresh. A completely different food than what is sold in the jars! The taste on these beauties will knock your socks off. To get the best experience, you’ll need the freshest tomatoes available. If you don’t grow them at home, try a farmer’s market, or barter with friends (I’ll cook the pizzas if you bring the tomatoes!). A little pepper, salt and basil and this topping will transform any pizza into your new all day, every day craving.

4. Berries + Sangria
Putting berries on pizza is something we started experimenting with this summer (mainly for the kids). It’s been great fun to include fruits that they love on a dinner we have often. We even tried a melon pizza a few weeks ago with drizzled balsamic that was so good. Sprinkle the berries, before you bake so they roast into the pizza. It’s a sweet and fun version everyone will love. Earlier this summer we tried it out with berry infused ice cubes and an amazing summer sangria recipe – get all the details on this pairing right here.


Although, my taste for toppings and drinks has grown over the years – it’s always nice to have a familiar base to start with. I love topping the CPK pizza’s with my own added fresh ingredients like berries and veggies.

We enjoyed CPK Hand Tossed Oven-Ready Pizza’s with our berry and sangria toppings this summer and it was just as good as I remember it. Next time the schedule is too busy to start from scratch, we will grab on of these easy pizzas and pile the fun stuff high on top.

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