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Festive Friday – 5 Fun Things


Happy long weekend! I am really excited about this coming weekend because we are headed as a family to camp! The camp I attended all through high school is putting on a family weekend and I am beyond thrilled to introduce my kids to the zip lines, co-carts, high dive and all the fun things about the place. It is a perfect last hurrah for summer. All I can think about today is the homemade ice cream and crazy colorful fun. Cheers to a weekend is filled with the last of the summer memories.

As we load up the car here are 5 fun things I couldn’t get my mind away from this week:

Floral balloon backdrop

This floral balloon backdrop is everything easy and gorgeous for a party. The instructions couldn’t be anymore simple for such a WOW statement piece.

Eyeball donuts

Eyeball donuts! Such an easy idea to pin now and remember for making fall spooky and fun.


My new favorite photo app, because sometimes we need to lighten up and have a little fun with our filters.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 9.57.20 AM

The work you do today will define your brand for years! Such a crazy truth and a legit reason to do what’s best today.


A holiday weekend is the perfect time to take a make an extra special drink for the after dinner clinking. These Lavender Earl Gray Blackberry Ice Cream Floats look so good! They instantly went on my weekend to do list.

Happy holiday weekend. xoxo

  1. I love the effect of that filter! Thanks for sharing. Bec xo

  2. […] Editing photos for sharing from my phone got so much easier once I started using Touch/Retouch. The app lets me remove unwanted things from photos and adjust the specs to exactly what I want to see. Almost all my social photos run through this app and then A Color Story, where I create the bright and cheery vibe you see on our Instagram page. Oh, and one other photo app I’ve been adoring is Prisma, which is just straight fun and we’ve use it to create really unique photos like this one. […]

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