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floral cup wraps

Printable Floral Cup Holders

It’s that time of year when everything is romantically sweet (Valentine’s Day is 48 hours days away!) and I find myself twiddling my thumbs in anticipation of spring. You can give me smooches and candy hearts, but nothing is more romantic than fresh flowers blooming and a warm sun above. I am ready for spring!

To channel these spring notions we made pretty cups covered in florals. They’re great for brightening up the office with something besides roses on Friday, and perfect for parties and coffee dates this spring. We are so close!!!

Printable Floral Cup Holders

Printable Floral Cup Holders

The cup wraps disguise insulated cups with pretty white florals and pastel ombre that make for a romantically festive drink. They work great for keeping drinks extra toasty on a chilly day. The design is sized for standard 12 oz. insulated party cups that are available in most stores. Easy, peasy, spring in a cup!

Printable Floral Cup Holders

Printable Floral Cup Holders

To make these floral cups, download the printable pdf and print out the floral cup wrap designs at actual size. Cut out along around outer edge of design. Spray adhesive on the back of the design, or use a glue stick if you don’t have spray adhesive to attach the wraps.

Starting at the natural cup seam; adhere the floral wrap design to the cup, make sure to smooth out any bubbles as you wrap it around.

Printable Floral Cup Holders

Graphic design + photography by Mara Dawn for A Subtle Revelry.

  1. Randhi

    12 February

    Wow this is actually a great idea to make boring cups interesting

  2. lena

    12 February

    I wasn’t expecting a simple cup could be quite so stunning!

  3. Aida

    12 February

    I’m having a spring themed birtday party next week, so the timing is really perfect :) Thanks so much for sharing these!!

  4. LOVE these!

  5. Diana

    20 February

    These are absolutely adorable!! Can’t wait to use these :)

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  10. Maja

    17 March

    Great drinks should be drank out of great cups, definitely :)

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  19. Elllie

    15 June

    Is there something that you could use that would make these washable? Some sort of sealant?
    Thanks, they are adorable!!

    • Victoria

      16 June

      Ellie, You could try Mod Podge – they recently came out with a dishwasher safe version that I bet would work for cups like this! Just be sure to make a line break about 2 inches from the top of the cup (it’s not drinkable:).

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  21. Eden Passante

    7 September

    These colors! What a simple and beautiful way to decorate your cups!

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