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fondue for you

One last fondue treat before the week is through. A favor that I hope, will make your guests swoon…

Little miniature dishes of chocolate fondue, to take home and light up at leisure. Perfect for anytime you want to say, thank you for coming in a very sweet way!

To create these fondue favors- combine a small piece of chocolate, a tea light and a miniature candle bowl (mine are from Micheals) together. When giving the favors- place the chocolate, candle and note of instruction stacked inside the bowl. Top it off by tying with a pretty ribbon, a label and a small match to light the flame.

Download the guest instructions here.

Set out on a table with dippings to use, or send your guests home to experiment with their own melted selections. A sweet way to hand out a bit of thankful love.

Photography done for me by Jackie Wonders.

PS. These favors were featured in the Style Me Pretty newsletter yesterday, where they made my day by describing our site as an inspiring swoonfest. How fun!!!



  1. Rach

    18 February

    So brilliant and cute!

  2. jenn

    18 February

    You site IS an inspiring swoonfest … well said! :) These favors are completely adorable.

    ps. I just finished a project inspired by YOU! It’ll be on my blog next week :)

  3. Lena

    18 February

    Eep-what an adorable favor! This is too stinkin’ cute!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. andrea

    18 February

    this is all sorts of adorable! awesome idea.

  5. Stephie

    18 February

    So cute and clever. Have a wonderful weekend, Stephie x

  6. Anna @ IHOD

    19 February

    What a sweet and clever idea!
    Going to try and remember this one!

  7. cecilia

    19 February


  8. Fabulous idea! So easy, too!

  9. Ohhh I LOVE this idea! Beautiful blog. Excited to follow! xo, Erika

  10. Those are so cute! Sign me up!

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  15. andrea

    26 August

    Cool idea. Only change id make is to substitute the glass candle holder with the black liquid potpourii burners you find at dollar tree. But this was a very creative idea.

  16. What a great idea! A fun simple way to get every guest involved! I love it!!!!

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  18. Terri Pike

    21 September

    If the glass is held over the flame long enough to melt the chocolate, won’t it be too hot to hold with your bare hands?

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  20. Hot stuff :)

    15 October

    @ Terri Pike – I’m with you – that would be one hot hot hot glass to hold (makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up just thinking about it) – it was the first thing I wondered when I saw it. | think this is not something practical or meant to actually be used… in which case I think the match isn’t needed (which I’m not sure is a very wise idea anyway since it can ignite so easy unintentionally with a bit of friction – like rubbing against something in a handbag or pocket, etc)

  21. Victoria

    15 October

    You don’t need to hold the glass over the flame for very long at all for the chocolate to melt. We did it (and used it, for real). It never got too hot to hold. It’s just a little candle flame and a little piece of chocolate. A bigger flame would for sure make it more difficult:)

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