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berry dyed stars

We have quickly fallen in love with fruit dying around here. Have you ever attempted it? I have a couple of fun party projects to share that we have been dying. It is the perfect medium to work with on warm summer afternoons. Today, simple paper bag stars become all natural summer decorations when soaked in berry juice and strung with straws.

To make the stars try cutting up a paper bag, the added store printed text beneath the dye lends a great touch. Boil down two cups of berries with equal parts water and dip each star into the mixture (once cooled). Let dry. The dyed coloring on the paper will darken as the papers dry.

Create the festive stars and stripes bunting by cutting down striped straws and stringing through the center of each star and each straw. Hang above the brunch table for a refreshingly natural take on Fourth of July decor.

  1. Lena

    19 June

    How gorgeous!

  2. tere

    19 June

    This is beautiful! I bet your kid had a blast making these.

  3. Freya

    19 June

    Um, brilliant!

  4. Such a great project! (I do have to say, too, the photo of the star soaking in the berry mixture is so artistic!)

  5. Nicole

    21 June

    So beautiful! I have too many berries in my fridge – what a great way to use them up so they won’t spoil.

  6. Such a cute idea! My cousin used kool aide to do something simular.

  7. Ivriniel

    24 August

    Very pretty! However, I think I’d eat the berries before I had a chance to make them into dye. :D

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