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Galaxy Party Pancakes

We are big fans of anything galaxy related. A wall filled with paper stars and these galaxy balloons are a few favorites from the past. But today, in partnership with Breakfast HERO we are rocking our own galaxy chocolate pancake stack with gold stars and syrup. A breakfast from out of this world. ;)

And before you pin this for a lazy Saturday morning idea – these pancakes are both good for you and can be whipped up any day of the week! We are big fans of celebrating a Wednesday, just to make it special and with the simple pour and cook method, these chocolate pancakes become a great way to add a little festivity to any morning and send those kids back to school on the right note.

The Breakfast Hero pancakes come in 2 different flavors, but chocolate was our favorite for obvious reasons! They poured right onto the pan and created the perfect kid sized cakes for starting the day off with fun.

Galaxy Pancake Stack

To make the galaxy pancake stack you will need:

1. Make the pancakes according to the Breakfast HERO instructions. Thaw, Shake and pour onto a hot skillet. Remember to watch for the sides to stop bubbling and then flip the pancakes for a perfectly finished cake.

2. Sprinkle the gold stars, sprinkles fruit and syrup and stack on a plate.

With the simple pour and then close option we can make one pancake or ten! No need to wait for a party – although a galaxy themed sleepover with these served in the morning would be just about the best thing I could dream of.

This post is sponsored by Revolution Food. How do you hero? Share you tips, tricks, and parenting moments with me! #HowDoYouHero.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ali Denney).

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