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17 Genius Ways to Make Slime For Parties

Inside: Ways to make slime that will get the party started.

The slime trend is so real right now! And I totally get I especially for parties.

Slime is easy to make, so much fun to play with, and relatively inexpensive as far as entertainment goes. And while I’d like to pretend that it’s just for my kids, I totally enjoy making slime as much as they do! ;)

Now that DIY slime has been around for a bit, I’ve had the chance to round up some of my favorites. There are different ingredients that make it come to life and these recipes have quite the variety. From summer craft parties to favors, to an entire birthday cake made of it – your child will love to have slime fun be a part of their next bash.

17 Genius Ways to Make Slime For PartiesHere are 17 genius ways to make slime for parties that’ll have you whipping up batch after batch.

Slime You Can Eat

Making slime is a blast but eating it is even better! For a sweet treat that’s safe to eat, check out these slime recipes that will totally blow your mind…and your tongue ;)

Gummy Bear Slime: Gummy bears are great on their own, but as the main ingredient for slime, they’re plain awesome! I’d definitely suggest you pick out a single color/flavor…otherwise it’ll make a not-so-pretty brown and taste like a giant sugar bomb!

Chocolate Slime: If it’s chocolate, I’m all about it. This recipe is sticky but sweet, made with chocolate syrup and sweetened condensed milk. Add chocolate chips for extra flavor, but don’t let it melt in your hands!

Slime Cake: Slime + cake…need I say more? This slime cake has a marshmallow creme “slime” filling that’s colorful and fun. Make this cake for a party or just because. If you ask me, every day is a reason to celebrate.

Marshmallow Slime: Speaking of marshmallow slime, this recipe is perfect for little hands. Super simple to make and kids will love trying out their creations.

Pudding Slime: You can try all kinds of flavors of pudding with this slime recipe. The key ingredient is cornstarch, which will give it a non-sticky (read: easy to clean up!) texture kind of like play doh. Another great one for the kids.

Jello Slime: This slime is super bright and bold no matter what kind of Jello you choose! Just make sure to keep it in the fridge just like you would regular Jello for optimum texture and taste.

Ways to Make Science Experiment Slime For Parties

These slime recipes are enjoyable AND educational. And definitely worthy of the science fair. Try your hand at one or two and see if you can get a reaction!

Glow in the Dark Slime: You’ll need a special ingredient for glow in the dark slime: glow in the dark gel. Fun for a sleepover party because with glow in the dark slime, you can play both during the day and all night.

Magnetic Slime: We tested out magnetic slime in my daughter’s class this year and it was a huge hit! Keep some small metal objects, like paperclips, handy to test it out…and watch in amazement as the slime picks them up and sticks to metal surfaces. It really is cool!

Heat Sensitive Color Changing Slime: Keep the kids’ brains stimulated this summer by making some color changing slime. They’ll get to learn about thermodynamics in the ultimate kid’s science experiment!

Ways to Make Slime with Mix-Ins

Add some texture to these slime variations by mixing in some fun ingredients. The options are endless; all it takes is a little creativity and a whole lot of imagination!

Bubblegum Slime: While this slime recipe totally looks and feels like bubblegum there’s actually no bubblegum in it at all. It’s got colorful sprinkles mixed in and you can even blow bubbles with it using a straw.

Crayon Slime: Have some old crayons laying around? Put them to good use! This crayon slime uses broken crayons mixed into a basic clear slime recipe with glue, baking soda, and contact solution. The rainbow bits of crayon make for a really pretty slime.

Fluffy Slime: This slime is super versatile and contact solution is what makes it extra fluffy. You can add in some color with glitter glue or with food coloring. And then you can pick your own mix-ins like mini pom poms, googly eyes, or small beads.

Lemonade Foam Slime: Lemonade slime is everything I love about the smell of summer–fresh, sunny, and sweet! Throw in some foam balls for added texture and something new.

Colorful Slime

Here are some slime recipes in all the colors of the rainbow. Because there’s nothing I love more than something beautifully bright!

Shampoo Slime: Pick your favorite colorful flavor of shampoo as the base for this shampoo slime recipe. It’ll smell so yummy and because it’s best stored in the freezer, you can play with it again and again.

Slime with Toothpaste: This slime smells so clean and looks so pretty. You can make it any color you like, or all the colors if you want to.

Skittles Slime: With this slime you can’t exactly taste the rainbow, but you can play with it and that’s the next best thing. This Skittles slime DIY will tell you how to make a little container using a Skittles packet too. Perfect for a party favor.

Shaving Cream Slime: Light, Airy, fluffy, and oh so colorful! A basic slime recipe using shaving cream + a whole lotta food coloring will create a rainbow creation that’s anything you want it to be.

If you weren’t already slime crazy, I bet you are now ;) Thanks for sharing along in my slime obsession. I hope you enjoy these genius ways to make slime ideas for parties and have as much fun making them as we did.

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