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double-sided glitter

double-sided glitter

We are planning a festive girls camping time later this week with a couple friends on our deck. I just love having a little girl to glitter up and party with (smile!).

I’ve fancied up basic typed invitations with glitter for the occasion. It is crazy simple to do… place double sided tape, add a sprinkling of glitter and shake of the excess. The look is really fun and would be perfect to gussy up your own invitations, labels or birthday favors this summer.


  1. Gloria

    14 May

    I totally want to go glamping – so jealous!

  2. McKenzie

    14 May

    How to make an easy border! Thank you, that’s such a good idea!

  3. Lena

    14 May

    The invitations are darling, and the event sounds like such fun!!

  4. Carol

    14 May

    Just love this! Thanks for the tip.

  5. Sandra

    15 May

    This would be a great craft to do with my daughter too – such a fab idea!

  6. glamping is SO cool. fun girls get together!!

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