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glitter stamped fruit

Baking glitter and a new set of stamps is all you need to produce a party look that will brighten up the winter. Stamp pears, apples and other fleshy fruit with glitter for an instant glam up. Place the fruit in a group to create a centerpiece or on individual plates for a dinner party setting.

Stamped with love they are perfect for Valentines Day. Stamp with the words party, joy, or happy for a birthday. Stamp with the word eat for a whimsical dinner party appetizer addition. The fruits are not only pretty but also edible! See the complete tutorial at Project Wedding.



  1. Supal

    17 January

    aww, this is so cute!!

  2. Ihilani

    17 January

    What a great idea! Love this :)

  3. Ihilani

    17 January

    Fantastic! I didn’t even know baking glitter existed. But I’m not suprised.

  4. Rach

    17 January

    Aww how sweet. And I love that the glitter is edible!

  5. Lena

    17 January

    Absolutely fantastic!

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  7. […] glitter stamped fruit – 1 freebie(s)? […]

  8. Elisa

    18 January

    I love this idea! Such a lovely way to add a special touch to a simple fruit centerpiece.

  9. Shadia

    18 January


  10. Emily

    18 January

    So adorable.


  11. LOVE these! Such a pretty idea!

  12. LisaDay

    19 January

    Love it. I have the stamps but no ink pad so this is great.


  13. Make and Do Girl

    19 January

    Everything’s better with stamps! Even pears!

  14. I bought an alphabet stamp set in Tokyo last year. I’m going to give this a go for valentine’s day. I think you could also stamp an apple for the kids to give to the teacher – saying thank you (pity my girls have now finished school). You continue to deliver lots of inspiration…thanks.

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