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go-to girlfriend gifts to always keep on hand

The best go-to gifts for your girlfriends

Whether it’s baby showers, bachelorette parties, birthdays, or teacher appreciation days – I am often looking to grab gifts for the grown-up women in my life. My requirements for girlfriend gifts are affordability (I’m often in the $20 and under range) and that they’d be loved and used.

In honor of a week around here filled with gift giving, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite go-to girlfriend gifts.

Pretty wrapped gifts

6 go-to gifts for grown up girls

These are gifts I often keep on hand to bless my favorite girlfriends. They’re gifts I run to purchase time and time again.

1) Pre-paid sitter. This is a favorite gift to give for baby showers, birthdays and Christmas. The trick is to know a sitter that your friend trusts and pay her for as much sitting time as you can afford. Hand the present off with a gift card to her favorite coffee shop, or favorite shoe store and she will love you forever!

2) Trendy and pretty nail polish is always a favorite gift to give for bachelorette parties, and birthdays. It’s a smaller gift but can leave a big impact for weeks to come. I love gifting it along with a nice bottle of wine and Amazon gift card for a “me time” movie night in.

3) Pretty gloves are a luxury all my friends love, but never seem to buy for themselves. They don’t have to be expensive to take the cake, Target and other stores have a great selection this time of year. You can always bring this gift up a notch and treat mom to a delicate pair of leather gloves she will love to use every fall… Forever.

4) Expensive cheeses are perfect gifts for friends who love to host (and to bring along as hostess gifts). Check out your neighborhood farmers market or local cheese shop for a selection of fun cheeses, then stop by a thrift store for a great selection of awesome cheese knives. Gift the cheeses with a knife and help your friends be ready for hosting all season long.

5) Bangles – you can never go wrong with bangles! Every gal I know loves a bright bangle, and I have found them easy to stock up on at trendy stores like Forever 21 or J.Crew. Fill a box with a colorful selection to brighten up a friend’s special day. These also work great for cozying up to that teacher you really want to bless.

6) A wallet is one of my favorite birthday gifts to give. Much like the gloves, a wallet doesn’t need to be expensive – just pretty and fun. I love filling them with a couple gift cards for a dear friend’s birthday. A clutch or coin purse works just as well, and creates a thoughtful gift that will be used time and time again.

Wrapping gifts for the girls

Anyway you gift them, these simple presents will take you through all of fall’s festivities and can be snatched up ahead of time to get you prepared for the holidays – which are coming so quick! Head out this week and stock up on your favorites, then enjoy earning the reputation of that friend that always gives the best presents. Happy gifting!

PS. A gallery of my favorite gift ideas.

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