Guest post- Summer parties

Today, I am so thrilled to be introducing you to Melanie who blogs at You are my Fave. She is one of the most inspiring gals I have gotten to know. We both love parties, bunting & photo-booths which makes us totally connected in some other dimension:)

Summer Party Inspiration:

I love that there seems to be more spontaneous parties in the summer. I guess the outdoors lure us to throw down a well worn quilt, gather up some wildflowers, cut up some watermelon, pour the lemonade, and wear something linen.

Firefly watching and sparklers earn extra points. Hooray.


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Posted July 06, 2010
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7 Responses to “Guest post- Summer parties”

  1. chelsea says:

    that first photo is gorgeous!

  2. palefoot says:

    that bouquet makes my heart sing!

  3. bobbi says:

    Wow. that table full of people in the garden makes me want to throw a party…

  4. Kim says:

    This looks SO relaxing – where can I get an orchard like that for my yard?

  5. Vicky says:

    The photos are amazing- I agree!
    Kim, you crack me up- I would like to buy one as well:)

  6. Love that last photo–what a perfect party location!!

  7. Harpa says:

    Oh wow, that last picture!